L4D In Austin TX

As reported on Fox News, Transportation officials in Texas are now scrambling to prevent hackers from changing messages on digital road signs after one sign in Austin was altered to read, "Zombies Ahead."

While the Texas officials believe this to be a hoax, I live in Austin, and I'm preparing for the Zombie Holocaust. This was a warning sign, everyone should go out and buy all the supplies you can, the world is coming to an end the zombies are coming!

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bgrundman3311d ago

This is AMAZING. I knew it was just a matter of time before they took over everything!

CrAppleton3311d ago

LMAO.. You know.. there are a lot of people who think zombies are real, so this probably scared them.. Probably scared the gullible people too..

Neco5123311d ago

there cant seriously be people who believed this

bgrundman3311d ago

You never know, people are kinda stupid sometimes...

ammonator3311d ago

Aggred, but if I drove past that sign I would definitely have a hard time keeping on the road from laughing too hard.

CrAppleton3311d ago

Not so much stupid.. as they just don't THINK about what's going on.. and read something or hear someone say something.. and flip balls..

bgrundman3311d ago

Well it is Texas... anything can happen. :P

Zeevious3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

I'm trying to stay safe here in the back of this deserted Sweet Tomatoes Salad Buffet off an interchange in Austin Texas...
(I mean, one was here...not filled with desserts)

...But from what I hear the military where only able to get the warning out on only one road sign before obviously being overwhelmed!

Civilization is gone!

There's no other explanation for there being no other warnings...We know Zombies have already taken over News & Radio broadcasts, years ago in one who could protect us from Zombie Holocaust 2009 (according to Fox Zombie News) could even get to the Emergency Warning Systems to broadcast what must now be the deluge of Zombie's over-running what was once our civilization.

The air is tense enough to hear the lettuce wilting -- here as the last of society are clinging desperately to . . . WAIT!

There's a knock at the door...THEY'VE FOUND US!
Polite Zombies that knock on doors have found us!

Oh the humanity, WHY!

Why Vishnu! Why Buddha! Why Jack Thompson!


Oh, it's not Zombie's



Don't you think if we DID want to hear about Eternal Salvation...NOW...would be the time when we want to hear about Ethernal Salvation? -- But I will give to your Wii missionary work.

: # : Throws Change -- Slams Door leaving them to their eventual televangelistic fates.

There's nothing more to say.

I hope you're safe, there is at least one other person in the world to read the last testament of Zeevious Christ...
(LOOK it's the end of the freaking Universe...I'll call myself whatever I want!)

We're desperate, hoarding food scraps as we desperately cling desperately to life...and I'm desperately concerned that some of my desperate fellow survivors are already eying the desperate lady with the desperate "I Just Started Jenny Craig!" button like she's already a plate of desperately edible ribs...

...I mean we're in a Sweet Tomatoes Salad Buffet, what's there to eat?

All I've got is a Hooters napkin a ketchup packet a 47inch 1080p flatscreen and game console with full game library I happened to have along in the event I got caught at the end of the Universe.

I only have a non-tiltable wall-mount for the flat panel.
I only hope that gets me through to tomorrow.

I'll try to send out another message because we all know at the end of it all...only gaming matters.


Zeevious3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Those tricky Zombies/Televangelista's changed the sign twice now to read "SLOW TRAFFIC AHEAD" and "DETOUR USE NEXT EXIT" but we're not fooled.

None of us.

Oh, and . . . The lady with the "I Just Started Jenny Craig!" button DOES taste like ribs !


(see...the Zombie Apocalypse isn't all bad)

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Neco5123311d ago

oh my god that is some funny shi

Hobb3311d ago


JimmyJames703311d ago

It's a funny story, but relating this to the Xbox 360 is insulting to the Xbox...

CrAppleton3311d ago

Related to the Xbox cause L4D.. but you're right

Nihilism3311d ago

look where it was done texas... the home of the low I.Q, as if they didn't all go load their shotguns...if i had one i would have too...lookout!! BOOMER!!!

poindat3311d ago

Baseless stereotypes FTW!!!

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