How can Oasis both love and hate Guitar Hero?

It seems that non-gamers are forever at odds and ends with these fandangled interactive video thingies of the 21st century. Forbes recently reported on the head of Activision with extreme ignorance, and now Noel Gallagher of rock band Oasis has stepped up to the fore to make his opinion clear on Guitar Hero.

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kharma453487d ago

Because Noel Gallagher is a twat

Pebz3487d ago

Someone thinks he deserve more money because he's totally more awesome than some losers with plastic guitars... that's the gist of it I think.

Mindboggle3487d ago

Because he realised he f*cked up and now realised he can make money off guitar hero, so now he loves it.

Johnny Rotten3487d ago

because for reason they think there a god, or was that the beatles?

Heldrasil3487d ago

Oh ya, that sh*t band from the 90's. Same caliber of band as the crap that came from Seattle. Music is an art, they have no talent and should just give up, not one person cares about their opinion.

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