Macworld Review: FusionFall

Macworld writes:

"Adult and teen gamers will find the missions monotonous, the humor lacking, the pacing off, and the world an awkward bastardization of childhood mirth and wonder. Like a crossover comic book, FusionFall is an amalgam of characters that lose their distinction and humor while forced into a stale, frustrating world. Personally, I think Cartoon Network may have been better off exploring the mature humor of their website games and made an Adult Swim MMO.

But as an adult reviewer with no kids, I realize I'm not the target audience. Cartoon Network deserves credit for creating a game where kids 8 to 14 and their parents can share in the fun. While adult gamers may find the game shallow, the short game sessions, multiple character cameos, and simple game mechanics will likely entertain kids and be a safe introduction into the world of MMOs. If you're a dedicated MMO fan who wants their kid to try something simple and safe, FusionFall and its kid-friendly features may be right up your alley."

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