5 Reasons Why Killzone 2's Campaign Rocks (Spoilers) "Since everyone seems to think I have an unnatural hatred for all things Killzone 2 (I don't), I've decided to compile a list of the highs of Killzone 2's campaign."

Beware of spoilers.

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Blademask3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Jessica Alba(before baby)
Jessica Beil
Jennifer Conolly

I love the Ps3. and I love Killzone 2. You guys are incredible. I give up.

My original comment said something about 4d, and why UGO will flop the game after saying good things about it. For those of you that come in later confused at why people are talking about 4d, when women are listed.

Gobuz3491d ago

open zone that way ----> minus bubbles for you.

LeonSKennedy4Life3491d ago

The 4th dimension is time. The Helghan planet deforms over know...time.

Danja3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

ur exactly right especially in the last stages of the game where you can actually see the effects the nuke has on the environment...

Motorstorm had 4d elements so what did Sony lie about...

@Blademask - well you have idiots on both of side of the fence..some PS3 fans as with 360 fans dont read to understand the fanboy goggles are on 24/ as you already know since you've been on this site for awhile...ignore the dis-agrees and dumb comment responses..

edit - @Blademask

dude I know ur not a 360 fanboy but as I said sometimes ppl dont read to understand they just skim through ur sentences pick it apart then respond....

to the ppl complaining I read the original comment and there was nothing fanboyish about it other than him stating the obvious that has happened so many times..a good preview and then when it comes to the review they give a crappy score..

Mr_Zkaar3491d ago

Got no problems with negative comments on Killzone 2 or any other PS3 game as long as its done in a constructive way. Flame bating or poorly written rants belong in the open zone.

If i want to rant or flame bate, you will find me in OZ.

ZombieNinjaPanda3491d ago

4d is just basically the aging of things over time in a game or computer simulation right?

Couldn't they just program that in without having to call it 4d or something? or is it different every time?

Also, where was that in motorstorm?

Gobuz3491d ago

Same dude.

<3 Blademask

Danja3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I said Motorstorm contained 4d "Elements"..

it was the 1st game to feature track deformation , so as time progressed the track and the feel to it changes as well...

edit : no probs XD

ZombieNinjaPanda3491d ago


Ah, alright thank you, was just clarifying. Wasn't sure where it was exactly.

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Graphics Whore3491d ago

Randy keeps ultra-hating on Killzone 2 and he's just doing this for hits. Don't bother clicking.

Hellsvacancy3491d ago

Man i hate when they say Spoilers it makes it SOOO much more tempting to click View Video or like when u c the sign for DO NOT PRESS BUTTON


ZombieNinjaPanda3491d ago

They do it purposely.

They know, that if they tell you not to do something, you're gonna do it anyway.

I had a convo with a dude one time, and he was getting pissed off at those things that say you can't do this.

He says something along the lines of this: "I hate people who say I can't do something! Tell me I can't do something and I'll do it anyway! Now tell me I shouldn't do something, and I may pause to think about it before I run off to do it anyway"

XXXCouture3491d ago

blademask youre always welcomed here my friend

chidori6663491d ago

no read this article spoilers of brian cox in the fi......ops... sory...:)

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