Zero Punctuation: Gears of War 2

"This week Zero Punctuation reviews Gears of War 2, but only for all you big manly men."

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PotNoodle3463d ago

He makes great points, and even fans of the games he reviews should agree.

I'm a massive fan of the metal gear franchise yet he does say some pretty harsh things about it - but i agree with them, just the things he complains about are the things i like about the game.

Mostly the same with gears though, apart from the buddy AI part where i agree that it can be a bit silly at times.

dachiefsman3463d ago

his reviews are one thing. entertainment.

If he didn't bash it, would he honestly get page hits? He gives the people what they want.

Not saying I don't agree with his assessments of Gear II. He makes some valid points, but he was rambling most of this review.

PotNoodle3463d ago

Yeah i suppose, i doubt anyone listens to his reviews to make a decision on buying the actual game.

DJ3463d ago

If a game is truly great, he gives nothing but props and has almost nothing to complain about. I typically stick with Gametrailers and Zero Punctuation reviews. =]

Timesplitter143463d ago

I don't consider his reviews as ''reviews''. More like funny videos.

I'm pretty sure he's not serious when he does his reviews. He only focuses on finding negative aspects in the games, and even transforms some good aspects into negative aspects just for the laughs.

There are 2 kinds of people I hate when it comes to ZeroPonctuation :

- Those who listen to him (think he makes good points and trust his reviews) because they've been seduced by his humour and they'll bash anyone who disagrees.
- Those who bash him because they can't realize he's not being serious at all.

The Lazy One3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

He's one of the few actual critics in the industry. A review that does nothing but praise the game is not a good review. Other reviewers tend to ignore bad things if there's a lot of good things, but it's the bad things that will affect your enjoyment most.

He's also brutally honest and very rarely affected by hype.

edit: in an effort to not waste a bubble, I lol'd at the "chest high walls" bit. That is something epic could definitely improve on. Just imagine how much more realistic the environment would feel if the walls were just jagged on top with a little more adaptive of a cover system.

Tempist3463d ago

They sort of transcend reviews since they're more of a critical look at "GAME A".

He doesn't rate them, just gives his honest opinion on how he feels and what aspects of a game work and don't work.

This is how reviews should be, but instead end up as bias crap. I like thinking, Yazhee likes thinking. Try Thinking (copywrite).

Timesplitter143463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Yeah but a review that does nothing but bash the game is even worse. We want to play good games, right? If someone only talks about the bad stuff, how are we supposed to know what games are good?

EDIT : By the way, Avast detects a virus every time I load a new page on N4G. Anyone else has that?

Blademask3463d ago

No games are perfect and can escape criticism. If you dont like what hes saying about your game, you need to lighten up :)

The Lazy One3463d ago

no it's not. A review that does nothing but bash the game will have at least a handful of valid complaints. A review that does nothing but praise a game, will give no insight into why you might be displeased with the game.

For example, if every death in killzone 2 triggered a wilhelm scream (it doesn't), I doubt many reviews would mention it. If I hated wilhelm screams with a passion, that might be something that drove me to dislike the game regardless of everything good about it. If I don't hear any complaints that would make me unhappy about the game, I have no reason not to try it and will find out all the good things on my own.

ThanatosDMC3463d ago

Yahtzee, for me, is more credible than most reviewers. He actually tells you about the game's pros and cons without sugar coating it.

But the only thing that's missing in most of his reviews is the multiplayer part. He doesnt like playing multiplayer.

Jinxstar3463d ago

"Chest high walls" made me lol. It's true. nowhere on earth can you find so many perfectly chest high walls all the time =D But like he said good game apart from story and cliche mainstream everything. I may give it another go... Wasn't a fan first time I played. Who knows maybe I had a hate MS week or something...

GoldenAge3462d ago

I mean he bashes every game to show everyone that games are not perfect.

Except for Saints Row 2 he practically loved it :)

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CliffyBee3463d ago

BEcause I cant make a good game. I wish I was as good as Mr Kojima :(

Sitdown3463d ago

I slept on this game. I owned the first one, and picked up the collector's edition of Gears 2 at the midnight launch......but because of other titles, never sat down to play it. I played about 5 minutes into it...and then left it alone until recently. About a week ago, I started playing Horde......and I must say, it is really addictive. After playing Horde so much, I felt that my skills had quickly increased....and began to get the desire to play through the campaign.......and I must say, the campaign is great. I have not played Gears 1 in a while, but I must say...I am thoroughly impressed with 2, and feel that it surpasses Gears 1 in every way. For those who dislike Gears 2....I really do not understand why. The story is enjoyable..makes me feel like I did when I was playing God of War.......and overall, Gears 2 made me think about Contra. Definitely one of my favorite titles at the moment.

CliffyBee3463d ago

I made a pretty average game at best.

Chubear3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

a long time ago. The only people I can see that actually are eager to watch these type of reviewing are mainly the teenaged "WHAT?! GTA4 IS TEH god!" type gamer.

His reviews really do give little to no substantial information about the games he reviews. Isn't that the whole point of a review in the first place?

Yeah yeah thumb me down all you want.

Timesplitter143463d ago

The only problem I have with this is that some people are influenced by his reviews and start hating certain games.

The Lazy One3463d ago

go back and watch his 2008 in review/2008 awards, or a couple of his things. Listen to what his complaints actually are instead of what he does to make them sound funny.

He's pretty observational. Or watch his indiana jones movie review (kekekekeke)

Cajun Chicken3463d ago

I have been waiting ages for Yatzee to dare to review a Gears game, I love the way he pointed out everything I hate about the Gears series and how particulary mindless and how totally overrated they are, Gears sitting next to the genius of the Halo series just doesn't add up to me.
Excellent Yatzee, but next time don't just agree that its 'good' because you are freaking scared of the reaction of the public if you say otherwise.

devilhunterx3463d ago

did you watch his halo3 and mgs4 review?

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