From First To Last: A PlayStation Tale Of Woe


"It's hard to figure out exactly what happened to Sony's dominance in the console wars with the advent of the PlayStation 3. How can a console with a Blu-ray player, a free online service with the PlayStation Network and no known hardware failures such as Microsoft's Xbox 360's Red Rings Of Death be last in hardware sales?"

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PoSTedUP3458d ago

"It's hard to figure out exactly what happened to Sony's dominance in the console wars with the advent of the PlayStation 3"

if you cant figure it out by now... wow. they launched a $600.000, duh! (over $600 including tax).

cliffbo3458d ago

and yet they have still sold nearly as many PS3s as they did PS2s in the same time period. funny that, isn't it. even when the PS3 hit 100 million we'll be getting these stupid arguments. no one will mention that the 360 only managed 35 million before it pulled out

Darkseider3458d ago

Another one! N4G wouldn't be the same without some pointless blog about PS3 doom and gloom! Quick someone find one about Blu-Ray dying and Sony being a sinking ship and we can pull of a hat trick today!

RPG Guy3458d ago

Dude, N4G pulls 70-80 hat-tricks a day if that's the criteria!

pav23233458d ago

I can't wait until someone writes an article about how good the PS3 is doing, because if history repeats itself, there will be an onslaught of copy cat articles saying exactly what the first article said. OK lets go ahead and say the PS3 is doomed. If that is the case, then Xbox 360 is one year closer to the impending doom, considering they sold at roughly the same rate on a year to year basis. Xbox 360 is DOOMED!!!!!!!!!

Why dis3458d ago

The unjustified ones are the problem not legit ones like this.

Aclay3458d ago

PS3 articles like this are so pointless. These gaming "journalists" talk about the PS3 being in Last place like the PS3 is the exact same price as the 360 or something.

When the PS3 came out, the 360 had about a 10 million lead, since the PS3 came out, it's cut into that lead even while selling at $399 and $499. But, I have no doubt that by the end of this generation, the PS3 will come out on top in Worldwide sales over the 360 because I just don't see the 360 outselling the PS3 overall by the end of this generation by just winning the majority of U.S. sales. The only thing holding the PS3 back is it's price. Once the PS3 hits $299, things are definantly going to start changing.

Lifendz3458d ago

Read it here:

It’s hard to figure out exactly what happened to Sony’s dominance in the console wars with the advent of the PlayStation 3. How can a console with a Blu-ray player, a free online service with the PlayStation Network and no known hardware failures such as Microsoft’s Xbox 360’s Red Rings Of Death be last in hardware sales?

It’s all about the games: Let’s face it, Sony still does not have a breakout console-selling game under its belt. In fact, the only PS3 game to be found on 2008’s year-end sales chart for North America is Grand Theft Auto IV. Exclusive titles such as LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4, which were supposed to be breakout games in their own right, are nowhere to be found. Another thorn in Sony’s side is the loss of exclusivity on big-name franchises such as GTA and Final Fantasy, which have now gone multi-platform. Just imagine if GTA IV would’ve been a PS3 exclusive. How does 2009 look for the shiny black console’s exclusives? There might actually be a glimmer of hope on the horizon, with such titles as God of War III, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Infamous and a new Ratchet and Clank game scheduled for release this year. Is that one big breakout game in there somewhere? Only time will tell, but let’s hope so, for Sony’s sake.

There’s no place like Home?: After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Sony finally released their community based service, called Home, on December 11, 2008. The reaction from the community, yours truly included, was quite underwhelming. Waiting in line to play a game of bowling isn’t my idea of fun, and there are only so many times that I can watch a trailer for Twilight before I want to hurl. I was expecting something more robust and meatier once Home was finally released, especially after waiting so long for it. Let’s just hope Sony releases more content and adds more things to do within Home other than wait in line or watch the same movie trailer ad nauseam.

Too expensive for our taste: With Nintendo’s Wii being the cheapest console on the market, (Well, until the $199 Xbox 360 Arcade) and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 seeing its fair share of price drops in recent months, it’s quite mind-boggling to see that Sony hasn’t made an effort to lower the price on their PlayStation 3 SKUs. Granted, the 80 GB PS3 was introduced last September for $399 (replacing the $399 40GB unit), with all things said and done, $400 is still a lot of cash to drop for the “cheapest” PS3. Both the 80 GB and the 160 GB consoles do not have backwards compatibility for PlayStation 2 games, which means that you’ll either have to keep your PlayStation 2 or live without. Even though they have Blu-ray technology on their side, Sony’s hope to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft’s lower-priced consoles will never materialize unless they start thinking about lowering their prices, plain and simple. This is a video game console we’re talking about here, after all.

Sony needs to work on a lot of things if they wish to pull themselves out of the gutter. Although the game side of business is more of a hit or miss kind of situation, that one breakout game, which is still nowhere to be found, could help turn things around in a hurry. Add to that a rethinking of Home and the way it’s supposed to work and a price drop on both SKUs, making them more accessible for the common consumer, and the PlayStation 3 could be back on the winning track. Wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right?

Blademask3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

lol.. these are amazing. I feel sorry for all 360's when the PS3 is priced competitively.What will they complain about then? Yep. You've got it..
Nothing.Ahh all these tears of "WAH WAH THE FERRARI COSTS TOO MUCH" pleases me going into Killzonation!

the author of this "article" is a moron. NPD is the whole world now I see.

Ignore the fact that MGS4 moved more consoles than GTA4. How stupid are these f&*king people?

SRU96003458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

There is no mystery behind Sony's failure and Microsoft's success.

It's simple, right from the start the Xbox 360 offered more/better exclusives, and multiplats performed better on the 360, as well.

Bluray was not wanted at that point in time, either.

The PS3's online was not even close to what Xbox Live offered.

And to top it all off, Sony was asking $600 for that inferior console. They said things like "People will work more hours to buy one".

Sony over promised and under delivered, and now they are facing an uphill battle just to maintain their relevance.

It's rather sad, actually.

callahan093458d ago

"And to top it all off, Sony was asking $600 for that inferior console."

Inferior, huh?

SRU96003458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Yup, inferior.

Weaker multiplatform graphics, lack of rumble, lame mandatory installs, weaker online/store and a lack of "must have" exclusives.

THAT defined the PS3 for the first couple of years.

kewlkat0073458d ago

Also don't forget the Economy and job lost was something that was not as bad as it is today, as opposed to the past console releases.

rockleex3458d ago

You forgot to add /sarcasm. ^_^

On a more serious note, can we stop talking about the PS3's future when it has not even reached the price of a launch PS2 yet?!

Here's a chart comparing PS2/PS3/360 hardware sales from launch.

Keep in mind that the PS3 was twice as expensive as the PS2 from launch and always more expensive than the 360.

Notice how the PS3 is currently beating the 360 at the same point in the 360's life.

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phantomshadow3458d ago

PS3 is teh d00med!

Seriously though, do bloggers have nothing better to write than the PS3 being in last place. Refresh my memory, but I don't remember everyone crapping all over the Gamecube when it was in 3rd. I just remember people saying "yep, it's in last place." AND THAT WAS IT! Enough with these stupid articles already.

solidjun53458d ago

I really think it's a member from N4G who create blogs for the sake of causing trouble. Well, the world will never know who those members are.

ballsofsteel3458d ago

i knew there was too much positive news for PS3 nice to have things back to normal and people spelling doom and gloom with they're all talking out of ass

thebudgetgamer3458d ago

one company that has never been in first is.


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