Crysis Warhead Getting 64-bit Treatment

GamingShogun writes, "...Crytek is readying a new patch for Crysis Warhead that will, among other things, enable 64-bit support! While there is no word on an exact release date for the patch, Crytek states it will be ready 'very soon'..."

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doctorstrange3399d ago

i have vista 64-bit and it works fine

JelalTrueshot3399d ago

Absolutely, but after this patch you might be able to run it EVEN better! ;-) I have Vista 64 as well and have had no issues with it but, hey, if you have an excuse to run a 64-bit program, why not?

TheIneffableBob3399d ago

Crysis: Warhead runs in 32-bit mode at the moment in 64-bit operating systems. With this patch, it'll be able to run in 64-bit mode, thus being able to utilize more RAM.

Superted20073399d ago

Yay! This game just got even better!

devilhunterx3399d ago

how about a patch for fixing the AI and making the story more interesting eh?

zonetrooper53399d ago

Seen this game for £20 in PC World, been thinking about getting it for sometime. Maybe when this patch comes out I will pick it up, this is due to me having Vista 64bit.