24 carat Lancer

Get yourself a Golden Lancer

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Ttam3486d ago

Wow.... This actually worked. I'm surprised.


i thought it was a bad link

but it worked!!

its about frigging time they did this. its free for god sakes! why not give it too everyone

i hope MS dont wig out and ban me for this though.

now i finally have the golden hammer AND the lancer! they were short of limited edition at launch night! karma for me finally!

time for some golden chainsawing

vincentvegawchz3486d ago

I thought it was real gold. :( Misleading Title LoL

outlawlife3486d ago

i thought the gold weapons would be coolers than they were....they are basically just yellow

Sitdown3486d ago

After the first couple of times I played Horde....I do not think that I have seen anybody use them since then.

typikal823486d ago

They shouldve released the golden Hammer instead of shafting those that bought the LE.

likedamaster3486d ago

This article failed to include an update on how Microsoft is recalling those (with a fix)that were able to download an LE-exclusive golden lancer on xbox live, posted in error by Microsoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.