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Grodd3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Very Nice!

chaosatom3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

suppose to look like the CGI action just like in the beginning of the trailer. :(

Also, we didn't get to see the enviroments in-game but we saw a CGI representation of world.

All in all, It seems like FF13 did borrow the look and feel of FF12 combat but not hugely impressive, if you take out the glamor and glory of CGI.

Cwalat3313d ago

omg, the FIRST public showing of gameplay in motion :O

IMO there is a huge difference between the CGI scenes and the ingame engine scenes... But that doesn't mean it looks bad, i think it's the best looking RPG...

But i gotta admit... The gameplay seems ORGASMIC...

Thank GOD they didn't fu****k that up.


This and Versus.... will buy...

StayHigh3313d ago

Again PS3 owners suffer from another muilti-platform game..I am sure the PS3 version will be better but their not taking advantage of the hardware..I can not watch it and say 'WoW' because their nothing special..

Danja3313d ago

better quality but there is still a big difference between CGi and In-game a lil disappointed considering how long they have been working on this game and they claimed it would have looked liked Cgi in motion......

but the combat does look great hope the story isn't as underwhelming as FF12

meepmoopmeep3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

they should have Eng. subs to the JPN release.
they could garner more sales this way
as crazyies like me would import the JPN version
and buy the Western version later on.
that equals 2 sales for one game.

i doubt i'd be the only crazy to do this either.


iamtehpwn3313d ago

This is the PAL website.

Saigon3313d ago

i know whats going on now...

Beast_Master3313d ago

Looks great, I don't know what CGI movies you guys have been watching but FF Advent children (movie) looks just like this. I digress, I wonder how many 360 discs this will be on?

caladbolg7773313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

The framerate during the in-game shots seemed not-so-good. We'll just have to see once we get a demo. I'm not getting my hopes up.

Bonsai12143313d ago


i noticed that too. hopefully it was just the flash video stuttering. because if their engine can't support that, then shame of them for trying to optimize it for multiple platforms.

combat system looks like a mix of 12 and x-2, which is a strange combo, because its widely regarded that 12 has the worst system while x-2 is the best..

gaffyh3313d ago

For some reason it is hard to not notice the fact that this trailer doesn't say "Releasing Simultaneously on PS3 and 360".


INehalemEXI3313d ago

They have some sweet animations and choreography in those battles. Character models and textures are great. air juggles and combos is win. I want to see some kind of Omnislash attack.

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conjurdevil3313d ago

for xbox360 and ps3 for western trailers
2009 for ps3 in japan

GamerMan3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

When watching the video it looks like the same type of group play first introduced in FFXII. It may have some updated mechanics and it will have a different story. The graphics are much improved but is to be expected in a generation leap of platforms.

I'm not as excited about this game as I originally was but I am still looking forward to it and as a RPG player will most likely enjoy it none the less.

I'm more looking forward to Level 5's White Knight Chronicles more than I am this game. Of course it does help that WKC will be available before this game will be :)

GamerMan3313d ago

would someone please explain what they disagree with me on my statement. I don't mind being wrong. I played FFXII and liked it a lot where others didn't seem to enjoy it. Just the video "gameplay" reminded me of FFXII is all?

Oh well just curious if anyone could explain what difference in opinion you had is all.

Well check back later

lordgodalming3313d ago

I don't know why people hate FFXII all of a sudden. It's not my favorite in the series, but I've still beaten it three times. I didn't click the disagree for your comment, but I do in fact disagree. This looks nothing like twelve. The scenes shown reek of "battle screen" fights rather than in-world. Once we see some actual transition from roaming the game world and battles we'll know better.

And if it makes you feel better, I'm sure someone will disagree with my comment too. :)

GamerMan3312d ago

I will have to agree with you, I am making a bit of a snap judgement on the gameplay aspects being like FFXII without seeing the normal movement versus the transition into battle. I guess I will hold off on my full judgement on that until after someone gets hold of the FFXIII demo that comes the Final Fantasy Advent Children Blu-ray.

I look forward to the day we get more information on this :)

Innocentz_6193313d ago

damn this looks good, now i just wonder what versus is going to look like

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