Repair Your Own Xbox360 from the Rings of Death

Vigster writes: Over the past year the words "rings of death" have become known by Xbox360 gamers all over the world. Almost every one I know that has an Xbox360 has had to send it back to Microsoft at least once, some are even on their 2nd or 3rd system. When your console begins to flash those three red rings you have only three options, buy a new system, ship it back to Microsoft for repair, or repair it yourself with the "Xbox360 Red Light Fix" guide.

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locos853338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I wrapped mine in a towel for 20 minutes. It was a temp quick fix. Then I traded it in to Gamestop without them even having a clue. HAHAHAHA!!!

rucky3338d ago

Whoa sneaky... but could you expect anything less from the legendary Big Boss!

HighDefinition3338d ago

Nothing screams GAMER more than wrapping a wet towel around your system.

vitz33338d ago

No one said anything about a "wet" towel. That would just be stupid.

-GametimeUK-3338d ago


And I would never try and fix the RROD myself... That red ring doesnt f*ck about!

gaffyh3338d ago

I'll only try and fix the RRoD myself, if it happens and I'm out of warranty on my 360. But as long as MS forgets to ask for proof for date of purchase, there may be a long time yet.

Harryhit43337d ago

That's like saying a car's tire went flat but you can still continue for 20 miles on it. It (the tire) is broken, not repaired.

FarEastOrient3337d ago

The first time it happened to me I took the entire casing off and had small fans blowing at it from both sides. Problem was that the HDD had to sit on K'nex props so it stays on properly. :{

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rawd3338d ago

360 has no gamessssssssss

TheMART3338d ago

Last time I checked:

360 had the most games compared to PS3, also the most ones 8 out of 10 or higher rated, the most exclusives 9 out of 10 or higher:

8 out of 10 or higher

Wii - 43
PS3 - 86
360 - 129

Exclusives on or over 9 out of 10

PS3 - 2
360 - 7

And whats there for 2009? The only really interesting is KZ2 for the PS3, the big games, GT5, God of War III etc. most likely will release in 2010. The 360 will get some big ones, plus the ones not announced yet like Forza 3 I bet at the end of this year.

TheMART3338d ago

This is really, really old news.

Oh and BTW Nathan got back a new 360 arranged by Bill Gates himself, with autographs from Bill, the whole Halo team etc etc worth more then his old one.

Zeevious3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

The site is nothing but an ADVERTISEMENT disguised as a Story!

That's not even the SAD part . . . You read ALL that and all you got out of it was 'it's OK because he got it back "with autographs from Bill, the whole Halo team etc etc worth more then his old one."'

Get your HEAD out of your 360-Luvvin' A$$ moron.
(but insert RedRing-O-Death joke first)

It has NOTHING to do with that . . . It directs you to a $30 website to actually find out how to fix your 360 without waiting for a warranty claim? It says "Update step-by-step instruction being posted soon!" which we all know is total bullsh!t.

They REALLY went to ALL THAT trouble to write all that about Nathans 360, but not write one line of instructions on...Oh...I don't know...HOW TO FIX A 360 like the title says?

Why post an old story about a signed 360 sent in, value destroyed by cleaning off the signatures, then replaced with a new signed 360?

What does ANY of that have to do with repairing my own Xbox from the Rings of Death except try to use fear as a tool to get someone to shell-out $30 for a fix they KNOW only lasts a week or two.

The people with the $30 guide are gone with your $30 and YOU have no warranty to claim because you VOIDED it turning it into an oven with a towel or opening it up to add thermal paste.

Either way your out 1/2 the price of a game...with no working 360.

Any search on Google or YouTube can show you how to do that for nothing...with $30 still in your pocket.

If you need a repair, here's how to do it

You know FanBrats like YOU are TRULY blind...and you just proved it.

All you saw from that whole site was some deluded form of 360-hate & 'he got it back and Microsoft made it all better...and it's's all ok' when it's nothing but F-A-K-E - S-P-A-M-!

You truly see only what you want to see...your own little fanbrat world.

Don't forget your guide :

bomboclaat_gamer3338d ago

i fix them. i open the xbox 360 and apply thermal paste on the gpu. easy ^_^

xjoshbx3338d ago

The replacing the thermal paste and pushing the heat sinks back on is not a complete fix, it's bound to happen again if not very soon.

I've repaired a ton of these, i've actually bought broken 360's off ebay from a company in bulk for a while. If you want a solid fix that can actually prevent the RROD from ever happening again(if done right), then it takes more then what most these fixes have you do.

The problem - poor clamping(x-clamps) and heat.

These things break in more then 1 way, wether it be the heat sink popping up due to the xclamp warping or an actual solder break below the chip.

Best method is to drill out the case and run straight bolts into the bottoms of the heat sinks(getting rid of the pos xclamps). If it was a solder break turn it back on and let it run(with RROD) for a bit to soften the solder, then barely tighten the bolts a tad more. Let it cool off and your done, turn it back on and play. If it is just a cooling contact problem it doesn't even need that last step.

bomboclaat_gamer3337d ago

i replace the xclamps with screws, thank u very much

chrisnick3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

u just voided ur system....ur gonna be applying that paste for a while....since u have no other alternative now.....they won't fix just cuz they don't have to...good job...u bloodclot gamer.

pixelsword3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

he fixes them. :)

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