Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Direct Download

The countdown has ended, and with it we have the latest rendition of the never ending Final Fantasy XIII trailer. However, it isn't at all as stale as usual. Nearly all of the trailer footage is new, featuring voice acting and new characters. Here's your direct download for the trailer.

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Gue13492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

This is what I wanted!

mephman3492d ago

I know, finally we get to see the actual game. :D

Kyll3492d ago

Final got some voice acting >D.

Selyah3492d ago

Awesome bout time indeed ^^

mephman3492d ago

I'm so glad they finally released a proper trailer. It's about time.

Kyll3492d ago

I'd say, I wish this was the debut trailer for the game.