UFC Undisputed Gameplay

TheKoalition: THQ has released some new footage of their upcoming UFC: Undisputed title. This footage shows us some of the authenticity that is included in the game including ring introductions of Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson, accurate UFC referees, and we also get to hear some play by play commentary from Joe Rogan. This game seems to impress every time we get some new clips or screens. This game is definately going to be a hot title to look out for in 2009. Sports titles are getting better and better every year and its only right that the UFC gets its time to shine.

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InMyOpinion3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I could swear this is old but the search engine on N4G seems to be broken so I won't report it.

DirtyLary3338d ago

Lets hope we get these commentary gems in the game.

cpuchess3338d ago

Still seems odd that guys can get punched several times in the face and no blood shows at all.