Halo ODST: A Really Stiff Climb To Paradise

Since the Chief is drifting at the outer rims of another galaxy, Microsoft seems to fill the absence of its multi-million dollar title with sequels and prequels that take place within the confines of the Halo universe. The Orbital Drop shock trooper sets in to reclaim the void by reinterpreting the mechanics of the universe and setting the tone for a stealth themed combat than the regular machismo run and gun techniques of Master Chief, but the problem at hand is not the game but all the expectations that ride along with it.

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JaggedSac3485d ago

Nope, 700,000 people playing online Halo 3 daily will get it day one. At least that amount. Probably a lot more.

Lord Xire3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )


tplarkin73485d ago

You will see lines for ODST. They won't be as big as Halo 3, but it will sell millions.

FarEastOrient3485d ago

How much is this expansion being sold for, I'm calling it an expansion because that is exactly what the PC comparison will be?

Sarcasm3485d ago

Funny I agree that Halo ODST will sell well. The Ironic part, is that it's nothing but crickets when it comes to Halo ODST news. If it's anything to do with KZ2, it'll reach 500+ degrees in no time.

But I wouldn't be surprised to see that Halo ODST will outsell KZ2.

I hope hip hop gamer wasn't BSing that Halo ODST looked amazing. It might bring back glory to the Halo franchise after that Halo 3 nonsense.

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IQUITN4G3485d ago

The point about not being the Chief is a fair one but Bungie always take care to craft well their gameplay - i expect their usual flair for understanding what should and shouldn't be

I think this one will suprise

GiantEnemyCrab3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I've really enjoyed and loved the Halo series but if this is just more of the same from Halo 3 I am not interested.

I'm seriously burned out on the art direction in particular(ie graphics). Going to have a real close look at this game before considering a purchase.

LeonSKennedy4Life3485d ago

You can't tell me you're having second thoughts.

That's not like you at all. Be honest for a second here...Do you actually buy games based on how good they are?

GiantEnemyCrab3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Actually I just buy the games with the prettiest box art. LOL

Of course I buy games based on how good they are. The problem is knowing how good a game is without playing it, rentals work good for this.

I felt Halo 3 should of re-invented the franchise more and if ODST is just more of the same then I've had enough.

poopsack3485d ago

does odst have any new gameplay elements?

Cajun Chicken3485d ago

It sounds alright and judging from what is said in previews, sound like a swansong from Bungie with the Halo franchise. I'm looking forward for the game mechanics and I hope Bungie DON'T 'cop out' in ways to fill the lack of MC's abilities or just FOCUS ON MP MORE THAN SP...again.

...Can't say the same for Halo Wars. Halo is a FPS franchise, FPS, its not like Mario who can get away with being whatever game he wants to be in, Halo is a FPS, besides, its not even developed by Bungie and people are still going crazy over it, ridiculous.

But yeah, Halo 3...meh, good for one play, good co-op (as usual), ridiculous focus on MP, very overrated. Not half as epic as Halo1 was though.

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IQUITN4G3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Yeah the one thing i wouldn't want is even more colour.It's true that Halo3's graphics were initially underwhelming at least but that they are actually rather great after a few playthroughs.But any more colourful and it would probably put me off

Halo1 had quite a dull palette yet distinct design.
Halo2 had more colour but was still quite a dull palette
Halo3 was a brighter experience(great though it all looked upon further examination, it was too jolly a palette at times) than before with lush subtle us of hdr and little of the darker mood i expected

ODST i would definitely not be expecting bright cheery visuals in the dirty broken down Mombasa.I ideally would like the graphics to be similar to what we have seen from video so far but also that we have gameplay of similar vein to that great E3 Mombasa demo we never got to see

OOG3485d ago

funny thing is I guy know with a 52 inch samsung a750.....said like i duno a half a year ago..... that Halo 3 on his tv looks absolutely stunning... the color is just amazing in the game.... and this is from someone who liked the game but hadnt played it since the first week....and said with his new tv it was just amazing.... So yeah I guess it depends on what your looking for in a game....

Based on lighting and color id say for its time the game is extremly impressive...and fun which is the best part.

Sarcasm3485d ago

OOG. The lighting in Halo 3 is actually pretty good.

But there's no excuse for the crappy resolution of 640p which resulted in the horrific amount of jaggies. If you don't believe me, just sit 5feet away and enjoy those jaggies.

Second, the character models look like poop. And the character animations are stiff.

However, the gameplay is there which is what matters most especially to Halo players.

But seriously, the 360 hardware is capable of much much more than what they did with Halo 3.

Here's hoping Halo ODST is using a much more polished engine with better graphics, and hopefully new gameplay features.

The Lazy One3485d ago

there's a decent excuse. It renders in 2 passes one HDRI and one LDRI image to help increase lighting quality.

Nice3485d ago

reach too many, Microsoft should just advertise it on sneakers and ODST will sell millions..

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