20° reviews PSN Movie Download Service podcaster Rothbart is not a huge fan of watching movies on portable media devices, but admittedly, the PSP is one of the better devices he has used. On's recent trip to cover CES in Las Vegas, he thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out something he had already felt guilty about knowing very little about… and what do you know, he learned a few things (which he'll share with you right now) along the way!

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jamesrocks31473488d ago

i live in the UK btw and its not yet hear altho i have really fast internet now but a 10GB downlaod limit and it F*CKIN SUCKS! badly i wont be able 2 download hardly anything its diffantly true with slow speeds and download limits etc blu-ray will be here 2 stay for a while before downloadin movies becomes more popular. bit off topic but i see it that way

Cajun Chicken3488d ago

I hope is has BBC content sorted out with the individual rights and services over here. Doctor Who for purchase on the PS3 couldn't hurt!