Police coming to Burnout Paradise?

In a trailer released yesterday for Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Criterion has hinted that police will be returning to Burnout in a future DLC pack.

At the sixty second mark the trailer shows Burnout Paradise's new 'Burnout Store' with a mouse hovering over a button marked with a PCPD badge, which we presume to be an abbreviation of Paradise City Police Department. Underneath the button are the words 'Coming Soon'.

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DA_SHREDDER3309d ago

That with the new restart option and I will be sold on this game all over again.

Danja3309d ago

my fave racing game keeps getting better...

and to think Criterion is handling the next NFS game...hats shall be great when it comes out also

ThanatosDMC3309d ago

Finally! It'll be like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit... like back in the day.

mfwahwah3309d ago


I still play NFS: Hot Pursuit 2. Great game!

JoySticksFTW3309d ago

the game that keeps on giving :)

nordberg3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

I hesitate between this game and midnight club LA, but at 20$ it's a no-brainer! And it's only 3.3gb, which fit easily on my new 320gb hard drive. The PSN version load faster than bluray version and you don't need to switch disk, it's perfect for a lazy guy like me :)

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vincentvegawchz3309d ago

NO NEVER, i love this game and just yesterday or whenever that trailer came out and i was watching it, i was thinking to myself, Holy Crap if they added Da 5-0 to this game, i would NEVER need another racing game again, not like anything can compete with it, Cept GT5, but that is a completely different Racing Mechanism... I am SOOO excited for ALL of the Burnout Paradise updates, and i am going to Purchase everysingle one of them, since i havnt spent any money on the game since i bought it when it game out... I am REALLY excited

lokiroo4203309d ago

No doubt, for a company that has given a lot for free, they deserve a little chedda for their next addon. Police will make this game new again.

va_bank3309d ago

It'll probably be like the Burnout Legends (PSP) cop mode, where you chase a single car and have to take it down before time runs out.

the_dude_693309d ago

I think they are getting mixed up with the burnout store where you can purchase merchandise which has things with that bery same logo on it. Also, you can already play as a cop car in the game.

vincentvegawchz3309d ago

If you notice as well the Licence plate on that car in 7/31, i am thinking this Police Mode will have a summer Release date such as July 31st. I can't wait, I hope it is something eztra special, I am thinking it is going to be like marked man a little, except it will have teams, and more rounds... I think it will be a nice addiction... but also if they just added Police to the whole mix, Such as them just driving around Pardise, or Big surf that would be really amazing, if you had them chasing you, but sometimes that gets annoying, so i am going to stop contradicting myself

the_dude_693308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

This is what i think they are talking about:

Cajun Chicken3309d ago

That would ROCK!

Imagine having cops stopping you from completing (all the) illegal races in BP, that would play like Marked Man all the way through!

And I love the Marked Man events!

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