Davis Daily 1-27-2009: Too Much Killzone 2 Hype?

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "* Thanks to all the fans for slamming IGN and thanks to Nate Ahearn for reacting
* Too much Killzone 2 hype
* No Killzone 2 early copy for me
* Special Guest calls the show "

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MasFlowKiller3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Hey The Hype is coming from the media, just look at the reviews is getting and the people that played the beta.

MasFlowKiller3459d ago

This more of a quality hype then hype from sony it self, the videos speak for themselves and this is without one single ad.


But thats because I was in the beta and I had to let the world know how good this game was ( I even declare the beta to be better than MGS 4 sorry KOJIMA I love you ) Sony should pay me for advertising this . My Lamestop across the street is doing midnight and there not doing pre orders no more ....Good News

Danja3459d ago

The KZ2 hype is based soley off the game itself and word of mouth building anticipation , not marketing jizz or PR bullcrap statement./

up to now Sony has barely done squat to add to the hype as of yet ne ways...

So to answer the question : No there's isn't enuff to for KZ2 yet....and this is one of the games that actually deserves to be hyped up...

Montrealien3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

MasFlowKiller said..

(This more of a quality hype )

WoW, talk about subjective.There is no such thing as quality hype imho, Hype is hype, and its never met.

And here is a winner

(The KZ2 hype is based soley off the game itself and word of mouth building anticipation , not marketing jizz or PR bullcrap statement)

This hype is 4 years in the making, and the first seed was planted at E3 05 by Sony, and no one else. and I`m noticing the word of mouth is more internet based, I have to show this game to most of my customers to get the pre orders up, and trust me, once they see it, they pre order it right away however to be honest sony could try a little PR jizz now and then, many quality games have gone under because sony though it would just sell. Word of mouth is not enough sometimes, although Sony`s ego wont agree.

With that said, I know there is a great looking shooter coming out at the end of feb called Killzone 2 that I will be getting day 1! And if I even get a little of the retarded hype that will be coming up in the next month, I am bound to be dissapointed.

Edit : @ the eventual dissagrees. Kill zone 2 is looking to be a great shooter, if you dont agree, then you clearly have no taste.

ThanatosDMC3459d ago

What about the Halo3 hype? They never attacked that game... overly hyped then we got Halo 2.5.

Montrealien3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

if you got carried away by Halo 3 hype, that`s your problem, I knew what I was getting into when I got Halo 3, a good solid Sci fi shooter on an againg engine, that still looks good to this day for what it is trying to do there is nothing wrong with calling it Halo 2.5, it is still a great sci fi shooter. The (hype) you speak of is called marketing, and if you ask me, Killzone 2 deserves just as much.

I know, I know, logic and common sense hurts the head. One day you will understand.

rockleex3459d ago

People are disagreeing with your statement that the target render is a marketing scheme.

Its basically to show off what they plan to do with the game, and to see whether people like the idea or not. Obviously everybody loved it... except for the fact that some thought it was realtime footage.

Lets take a look at Killzone 2 and FFXIII. Both of them barely have any hype created from the developers/Sony themselves. But Killzone 2 obviously has MUCH more hype from word of mouth than FFXIII right now.

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MURKERR3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

only hype is from the media who have played the game and given positive feedback so of corse we are hyped for a beautiful game that thankfully plays as good as it looks considering the 1st game was considered a 'flop'

Gue13459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I don't even feel the Hype. Not like GTAIV and Halo 3 did... Where are the Killzone 2 commercials, the fast-foods restaurants with Killzone 2 advertisments and all that sh1t? The only thing generating some hype are the same journalist that have been bashing the PS3 since launch. It is like they know the game is crap and they are hyping it to then screw us with their reviews.


In Killzone 2 we trust!

Montrealien3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

how many Killzone 2`s do you think will sell in the world in 2 months? Rpedict it right now so we can come back and check it out in 3 months.

If you ask me, I never get into the hype, that`s why the games you are clearly talking about Like Halo 3 and Gears 2 did not dissapoint. however I must be completly honest here, Killzone 2 deserves all the adds and media hype it could get, it is looking to be a great shooter. At the least Sony should back it up with a sick Super Bowl Add. it deserves it.

Fishy Fingers3459d ago

Ironic how articles complaining or simply commenting on KZ2s level of hype inadvertently add to that hype.

Most of it seems to stem from images, videos, hands-on or reviews/previews, not countless TV adverts. It's the game getting people excited which cant be a bad thing.

vincentvegawchz3459d ago

Looks like a junky Webcam on a junky website? I mean Im not fanboy bashing, he is extremely excited about Killzone, so no reason for that, but who is he? Honestly?

tordavis3459d ago

And you're nothing but a troll with no life posting on N4G.

Sonny303459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

TorDavis isnt just "some guy", he's credible and he's got great info....check out this clip from G4TV and listen to Morgan Webb mention The Bitbag about a quote that Aaron Greenburg gave....


OK so David ... was in G4TV big deal .. this is just another person telling us about his opinion ... just that an opinion that for me means nothing ... listen ... if you want to hear something great and true from the industry ... listen to other developers and ppl who works and get paid to this this kind of work ... no just bloggers and ppl who wants to make a podcast and report their opinion ones a week ... if that is the case .. just imagine how many movie critics there are ... we were never go to the movies ...

again .. this is just my opinion ... and that article is only HIS OPINION AS WELL

Montrealien3459d ago

come on torr, you`re above that crap, don`t let the special people get to you. ;D

Sonny303459d ago

All I'm saying is, TorDavis isn't a nobody, neither are anyone on his staff. When you have people form Sony, Microsoft, Insomniac Games and other people going out to make sure you're invited to be at E3 or GDC , that shows that you're credible.

tordavis3459d ago

@Montrealien - I couldn't help it. I fell off the wagon. I'm sorry. :)

@Orielkiller - So my Q&A with Radical games wasn't good enough for you either? What does one have to do to become a 'credible' source? Isn't everything opinion anyways? The only facts we get are quotes from the publishers and the developers themselves. Opinion is what moves people, fact is what gives people the info they want and need to justify purchases. Yes, I do have an opinion and so do you as we all can see here. So why complain about my opinion while giving yours? Sigh...


thats cool ... like i say ... i dont know ... who this guy is ... and its true sony , nintendo , MS ... they want everybody to come to E3 and all those shows .. you know the more ppl there .. then more eyes in the world .. i'll give him a chance and listen to his show or blog and we go from there ....


COME MAN ... the only thing i was saying is ... WHO WERE YOU ? since i never heard your show .. which i just did ... and just wanted to say ... to the ppl here .. to dont jump the ship just cuz a blogger has an opinion ... i mean isnt that fair ... i also say ... if we all get quotes from developers and from the industry ... then why listen to your show ... ( which is fine )

again just my opinion nothing more .. keep the good work and dont hate on the IGN and the sites that report the news ... if we want games to grow ... just dont be like everybody else and show or tell your hate for the other guys ... look what happening to them.... they are all getting fire

again .. just my opinion ...


Montrealien3459d ago

Oreo....I have nt is. No jump...ship.

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