10° "Resident Evil Degeneration"

DoFuss says "Not to give away the plot, it seems the sole point of the movie is to introduce ties to Africa and Tricell, the new Umbrella. Another pharmaceutical company who I'm sure will stick to Umbrella's tried and tested business plan of building underground research laboratories with doors locked using medallions. But all this is speculation as the movie focuses on events at WilPharma. A further pharmaceutical company, but good guys who make vaccines… in underground laboratories.

You have to feel sorry for the writers. Bound by the games style and story they have done their best. It feels like they have had to tiptoe around series plot points. It's so nondescript I can't place within the universe. It falls somewhere between Resident Evil (RE) 3 and 5 (completely forgetting Code Veronica) but nothing in the movie places it. That aside it sticks to the games with action sandwiched between hammy 'cut scenes'."

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