Activision-Blizzard Updated Release Schedule

Electronic Theatre writes: The new schedule contains both Pimp My Ride 2 and X-Men 4 – which we can assume represents X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Forbidden_Darkness3401d ago

What amazes me is, that they'll keep making crappy games like Pimp my ride 2, but they wouldn't keep games like ghost busters or Brutal Legends... Im starting to really hate Activision...

outlawlife3401d ago

wow is that a list of crappy games

are paintball titles and pimp my ride games actually profitable?

Shnazzyone3401d ago

hey a pitfall game that's wii exclusive. Though i'll never get excited since it is almost assured it will suck.just like the rest of these titles.

CBaoth3400d ago

According to the preview in GI:

"The inclusion of movie assets and an impressive likeness of Hugh Jackman give the surprisingly gory presentation authority. Procedural damage to Wolverine that gradually heals as his regeneration takes effect can be somewhat disturbing - gaping wounds that lay bare his skeleton are rather explicit. Likewise, the catastrophic damage his claws inflict on enemies is often brutal to the point of being shocking."

Oh snap, color me intrigued.