Killzone 2: Visari Square Gameplay - 720p

Explosive direct feed footage from the Prefect's Office mission.

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Gobuz3458d ago

Notice even the bullets come out using the Physics engine and are not scripted. They really put some work into this, looks awesome.

Helghast Slayer3457d ago

Definitely mate. The game is seems so good it's actually ridiculous.

Blackmoses3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

can't wait, gonna be EPIC!!! Love that site as well!

Edit: I kinda feel like this guy! I try to resist.....just can't do it!!! LOL!!!

TheTwelve3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

I'm playing the original Killzone right now. I think everyone should do this right now just to see how much of a leap it will be. What I find interesting is how underrated the first one was. I remember people were impressed that the enemies in KZ2 would shoot bullets even as they were getting shot down to the ground. Well, that happens in the original Killzone as well. Also, the enemy AI in the first one is rather impressive.


locos853458d ago

I will lineup now for the Midnight release!!!!

*walks away to local Best Buy*

na2ru13457d ago

Very intense! The player actually knew what he was doing.

I have KZ liberation and only completed the UMD portion. Chapter 5 is hard apparently.

Figboy3457d ago

i'm playing through the original KZ as well, and it's a shame how much hate that game got because of the media hyping it as a "Halo Killer."

the game, while not perfect, is actually a very good FPS. the graphics are good (especially for a PS2 game), the story is good (i just got to the first big plot twist), and the firefights are actually rather intense.

the Helghast AI is, overall, rather smart, although sometimes they can be stupid. their tenacity when it comes to trying to kill you and your squad is very on point, however. the way they react to bullets is well done also, although, naturally, not on par with the sequel.

i think it's such an underrated, under-appreciated game, and the gaming media should be ashamed of themselves for setting it up to fail the way they did. at least Sony believed in Guerrilla Game's potential so much that they let them make more games, in particular, Killzone 2.

if there is one thing i can say about Sony, it's that they give their developers a chance. Ico bombed horribly sales wise (it barely cracked 160,000 WORLDWIDE), but they gave Team Ico another shot, and they produced Shadow of the Colossus, which went on to critical AND commercial fame, and now they are working on TWO Playstation 3 titles.

i'm also playing Killzone: Liberation, and i'm really impressed at how good that game is also. it's more polished than the original Killzone, and even though it's in 3rd person, it still retains the same feel and art design. while replaying KZ1, i'd see something, and say, "hey, that's like Killzone: Liberation!" at least they are consistent in their universe.

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4 cough3458d ago

It didnt look anything special there.

Beg For Mercy3458d ago

thats funny that its nothing special but it looks and plays better than anything on the 360, so what does that say about your favorite machine. Get A life trolling jealous loser.

Madgunner3458d ago

chill out i think he was just making an observation.

PoSTedUP3458d ago

omg this is the type of game that you play over and over and over and over again, just because its so f****** ridiculously amazing yo. (and thats just the single player) : P