Eurogamer Review Pikmin (Wii)

Eurogamer: "Pikmin is such a one-off that it's as fresh as a walking, squeaking daisy now; fresh enough to make this reissue an exciting prospect for anyone who's never played it, or remembers it fondly but only vaguely. The structure; the dreamlike, 'In the Night Garden' atmosphere; Olimar's endearingly eloquent log entries; and the inverse wonder of its scale, the exciting sense of discovering new life under the microscope. In the last seven years, there's been nothing like it.

Only, of course, there has: its sequel. And this presents us with the biggest problem by far with this release. Pikmin 2 is also due a New Play Control! reissue this year, and it's a better game in every respect. It's longer and more sophisticated, with more varied Pikmin and enemy types; it has co-operative and competitive multiplayer; it has randomised caves with finite Pikmin numbers, ideal for the game's challenge mode; it has no time limit. It represents much better value, and we're hard-pressed not to recommend you hold off and buy that instead. That's almost a shame - because in truth, Pikmin is a minor classic, and this is the best version of it."

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