Hooked Gamers: SimAnimals Preview

The forest is tranquil. The birds are flying peacefully in the sky and the bears are patrolling the ground. Swans swim swiftly downstream and rabbits hop around in the meadow. What could possibly go wrong in a paradise like this? But wait, the predator levels are increasing in the area, outnumbering its prey. What are you going to do? One of the rabbits is about to be eaten by that predator. Are you going to let the rabbit be killed or are you going to step up to the bat and restore peace and harmony to the environment?

In a nutshell, that is what you do in SimAnimals. Your goal is to make sure that each living organism is in harmony with its environment, and with that comes the responsibility of making sure that the number of predators doesn't overtake the number of prey. Animals can reproduce during the night to replace the ones who get devoured, but who wants to see cute little rabbits be eaten by its predators!?

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