Killzone 2 - Limited Edition in UK

Online retailer have secured the Collector's Edition 'Steel Box' of Killzone 2, which was previously only listed in other European countries such as Spain.

All previous pre-orders of the normal edition have been automatically changed to the steel box edition.

The steel box edition retails at £32.99, and the 'normal' edition is now only £29.99

Links and further details in the article.

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STEVIE_3461d ago

I'm unsure if a tin box is worth £3.

Press agree if you think it is,
Press disagree if you don't.

Cronnie3461d ago

The normal version is only £30 now as stated on the article, so it is pretty damn cheap either way ;)

Sheddi3461d ago

If i could i would buy it here in Sweden.

Azurite3461d ago

Just order it from, or

IdleLeeSiuLung3461d ago

If only the US could get the steelbox edition too....

The US is getting shafted. First we got the crappier version of MGS4 LE, then SF VI LE and now KZ2. I don't like this trend!

Sheddi3461d ago

Thanks man :D
Im gonna pre-order now!

Azurite3461d ago

Don't think the Limited Edition is listed on the sites I mentioned as of yet, but probably will in due time.

Sheddi3461d ago

I guess I'll have to wait then :)
Thanks again man.
Its much cheaper there than here in Sweden.
One question tho, is the delivery free from England to Sweden?
(even if it isnt it's cheaper!)

Azurite3461d ago got free delivery to Sweden, and have additional shipping fees.
I usually use to see about what the price will be.
Oh, and you have to select Euro(€) to order from to Sweden.

Sheddi3461d ago

Thanks man :)
I appreciate that a lot!

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whoelse3461d ago

Mines from GAME with a £5 voucher so its for £34.99. How reliable are Shopto? Should I get it a day before release day like with GAME?

STEVIE_3461d ago

I have found shopto to be the best online retailer for games. I used to buy all my games from GAME online, but now I always use shopto.

-Fast delivery: they send it as soon as they receive it, First Class
-Cheap prices.

I had ordered from GAME, like you, for £34.99 using a £5 voucher. I cancelled it and went with these guys.

whoelse3461d ago

Cool. I'm kind of expecting GAME to drop the price because its appears to be below £35 everywhere else.

Can you cancel orders with Shopto?

Cronnie3461d ago

Yeah you can, they don't take payment until dispatch either like most retailers.

kazuma3461d ago

GAME will NOT drop the price, they had killzone 2 as 34 pounds or something lower IF you pre-ordered from them like 2 months ago or something like that (then they upped the price but the old preorders would still keep the original price). new preorders will stay with the price at 39.99, it's highly unlikely GAME will drop the price.

either way, for now only and have the limited edition, has a regular edition with a kz2 theme and amazon, game and gameplay have the regular edition

jtucker783461d ago

Pre-ordered from as they often send out games a day early :-)

SafeRat3461d ago is certainly NOT reliable. The owner is on the government list of known fraudsters - his last scam was collecting all money before christmas a few years ago (on a different website), then shutting down suddenly with no contact details. He has been banned from trading for a number of years and this has not yet passed - go ahead if you want, but I'm certainly not risking it.

Morrissey3461d ago

IS reliable, ordered many times and guess what?
The games turn up.

If charging too little for games is fraud, good!

devilhunterx3461d ago

Just bought 2 wii games (they are for my bro :)) from shopto

They text me the minute the package left their hands

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MegaMohsi3461d ago

Is this coming to the US? I already have the game reserved but they haven't told me about a steelbox edition

The Captain3461d ago

I ordered mine from here:

I live in Canada and they will ship it to me with no problems.

ezcex3461d ago

Didn't know you commented on the main page Captain. I also ordered from Captain's link and it's shipping to me in the US.

No FanS Land3461d ago

oh thanks, I too live in Canada.

skwidd3461d ago

Thanks Captain. Do you know if they ship it out early so we get it on the 27th? Also, customs in Canada are gonna hold on to it for a bit before releasing it and we'd be asked to pay on the spot for it. If you're not available (like me at work) I'd have to go to a Post Office location to pick it up from there. I already orderd it but seems like a hassle.

skwidd3461d ago

Also, UK games work fine on US consoles right? Region free, Pal system et al? Can we also play online through it? Just making sure. Thanks

j-seb3461d ago

yeah same question, I live in Australia. I'm sure the single player is region free, but is the multiplayer??

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