Alan Wake footage "not real" says Remedy

VG247: Remedy Games has told videogaming247 that the supposed leaked Alan Wake footage is "not real."

"No Mike, this is not real!" said senior representative to VG247 just now.


The footage is in fact the canned PS3 title, Redwood Falls.

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MGOelite3490d ago

and in other news 1 person gets fired from remedy with no apparent reason

i think there just trying to cover it up now so they can have there grand opening gameplay reveal video, person who filmed this is gonna have there balls ripped off

Oner3490d ago

Either way, lets say it is Alan Wake it is definitely the PC version. Confirmed by how fast the movement of the flashlight, gun tracked and how it "felt" in it's accuracy. Anyone can see that obviously from seconds 30-31, 58-59, 1:05-06, 2:07-16, 2:40-END as well as other various parts all throughout the video. I also personally believe it is AW.

BrownPowerzz3490d ago

It's in fact the cancelled PS3-title "Redwood Falls"...


gaffyh3490d ago

Oh God, wtf, now my Alan Wake hype is super low again and I actually thought that the footage looked pretty good :(

dachiefsman3490d ago

How about some nice trolling! Hook. Line. Sinker. This guy who submitted this video earned +50 internetz today.

SuperM3490d ago

People who thought that was Alan Wake havent been paying attention. Alan Wake is third person as you can see in this video

Pretty much shows how the game will play, and thats over 2 years old. So i dont get why people think we havent seen anything of the game yet.

beavis4play3490d ago

and forget alan wake. i thought the RW footage had great atmosphere.

Danja3489d ago

I agree Beavis and at the rate they are going it doesn't seem like Alan Wake will ever get a release date..

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Hellsvacancy3490d ago

Another Ps3 exclusive perhaps :-P

InMyOpinion3490d ago

Another canned PS3 exclusive ;)

beavis4play3490d ago

that was a really amateur fanboy post jenzo.

techie3490d ago

So what was it then!? Some amazing game that looks like it's been in development for 5 years!? I don't believe this for a second. In fact this is prob VG247 pretending they spoke to Remedy.

Antan3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

IF its not...then what the hell is it?! ...Answers on a postcard.

Also, if it gets pulled from You Tube, it may very well be AW...Lets see how long it lasts.

mrcapela3490d ago

Remedy’s just confirmed that supposed leaked Alan Wake footage is fake.

“No Mike, this is not real!” said a senior Remedy representative to VG247 just now.

So there you have it. As we told you exclusively only yesterday, Remedy Games will show us all some more Alan Wake when the time is right.

Anon19743490d ago

“Er...I Mike, this is not real!”