The ridiculous possibilities of the next Mortal Kombat

File this under completely expected, but "Mortal Kombat" co-creator Ed Boon has revealed that he is indeed working on a new game in the popular brawling franchise. With Midway currently attempting to claw its way out of financial purgatory, it should come as no surprise that the company is once again turning to its flagship IP. Though, since "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe" launched last fall, I wouldn't expect to see this new "Mortal Kombat" for quite some time. I guess it is never too early to prepare for the future. I just hope that Midway has a future.

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Gazman3309d ago

Mortal Kombat vs Uwe Boll and every other person that has made a crappy movie based on a video game

lociefer3309d ago

w/e it is , im not buying it if its teen rated , mortal is all about blood / ripping guts , spines , hearts , u no name it , u take that away , and its just like any other game

hay3309d ago

Mortal Kombat vs Care Bears!


With secret character, Pedobear.

Sangria3309d ago

In my opinion, there will be no longer Mortal Kombat game, and i'm quite surprised Midway isn't closed yet with all the debts they accumulate.

vincentvegawchz3309d ago

I will not be suprised HONESTLY, if it is MK VS Marvel.... I bet you ANYTHING.... Why not, easy, just change the costumes on the Dc Characters, some enviorments, and BAM another 60 bucks on the same game, just like COD [email protected], and it will be out this Holiday season

games4fun3309d ago

i would not be surprised by any franchise at this point. they could literally choose anything since obviously storyline doesn't really matter anymore.

i think that they decided not to spend the extra money and make a good game they decided to just piggy-back off of whatever franchise they buy the rights to.

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