Street Fighter II HD Sony Problems a "Fabrication" - Report on The PSN not true

Spong Writes: SPOnG has been told by Capcom representative, Leo Tan, that a report on The PSN quoting him as saying that Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix has been delayed on the European PSN because of problems with Sony is "a total fabrication".

The report quoted Tan as saying that the game had been knocked back by Sony QA due to "faults and other problems". The report then quoted him as saying that the game had to be "redone".

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Cajun Chicken3462d ago

Release it.

It really makes you wonder what is taking this game so long, Bionic Commando: Rearmed only released a day later than other regions, I could cope with that, I applaused SCEE and Capcom for the tiny delay.

But this takes the biscuit. Its been that long I'm not sure if I want it anymore due to the other spendature I will be doing with upcoming PSN games, I could save money by not getting this. I'm not really that tempted to buy a PSN game that is months old and everyone else but the EU has played and the next gen title of the series will be out anyway.