Rumour: Leaked Alan Wake Footage

Gamezine: Alan Wake is that really you? You're looking impressive, but different.

Could this really be Alan Wake? In this viral advertising on youtube, user puffdaddysucks claims that this is leaked footage from the PC and Xbox 360 title Alan Wake, to be shown at GDC '09.


According to the latest reports this footage is not from Alan Wake but is in fact the canned PS3 title, Redwood Falls.

The full Redwood Falls demo footage can be found after this link, and in much better quality too. The demo was created in 4 months to pitch the game to publishers. Sadly the game was canceled, as explained by the developer.

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Fishy Fingers3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Inclined to believe this is genuine, settings and what not look right and it's definetly being played on a PC. Sure Remedy will be quick to comment either way. Low quality but looks good none the less, has a CryEngine2 vibe to it, in fact the more I watch the more it seems that way, also, I assumed Alan Wake would be 3rd person,

gaffyh3487d ago

This looks pretty good, and it could be Alan Wake, but I was expecting it to be more like GTA (TPS) instead of FPS. Unless it does both like Fallout 3? Anyways whatever this game is, it looks pretty good I'm looking forward to seeing it at GDC.

Montrealien3487d ago

pretty sure it will have both first person and 3rd person perspectives. Take note of the upcoming phatom dissagrees, someone cant enjoy games on all consoles, what a sad soul...

techie3487d ago

"And by looking under the video, it's claimed that there is a legitimate first-person view, with third-person gameplay will be posted soon."

thats_just_prime3487d ago

I'd say its fake at the very least not what they will be showing. The footage BORING. Not a single emeny is shown (maybe cause we dont know what they will look like yet) Anyways for GDC and their 1st showing of in game I think they will show something more action pack to try and grab everyones attention

callahan093487d ago

Graphics are looking very nice. I'm concerned about the total lack of HUD though. How do you know how much ammo you have, for instance?

Why dis3487d ago

You people don't know anything about the game lol.

Sence when did Alan Wake become first person?

FarEastOrient3487d ago

Too bad these images are fake... guys you should wait for real material

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yoghurt3487d ago

See now I know its cam footage etc etc, but I didn't think it looked that good, in fact very mediocre

but early days I guess, still, if they are trying to promote the game I doubt that video will do it

techie3487d ago

Wow, it has first person AND third person view. Another game that does that is MGS4 - Alan Wake will be MASSIVE :D

InMyOpinion3487d ago

Oblivion and Fallout 3 also have 1st and 3rd person perspective. Not always a good thing.

N4PS3G3487d ago

first person? new to me!

anyways ..hell yeah! Looks real! fukin awesome!!

Montrealien3487d ago

looks legit to me, and looks great.

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The story is too old to be commented.