TechRadar: How to code games for the PC and Xbox 360

Techradar Writes: "Listen carefully, for we shall say this only once: making games is easy. Really easy. And no, we don't mean using numpty tools clicking on buttons to 'make' simple little 2D games.

We mean making full-blown 3D games with physics, networking, sound effects and more. I'm talking vertex shaders, pixel shaders, particle systems, multithreading, peer-to-peer games that work on any modern Windows PC – and can even work on Xbox 360 if you're so inclined.

All these features are possible thanks to a magic piece of software called XNA."

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dukadork23277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

this article is the final proof that the 360 is the dumb ass coder's platform of choice

edit: bellow

i do realize this dumb ass is spreading the typical M$ horseshit that game dev is easy in wonderful directx land while being completely oblivious of the fact that when things are made easy, it means they've been pre-formatted and conditioned for you and therefore tend to look, feel and play the same: instead of helping your creativity, it actually destroys it because difficulty and limitations are essential to the creative process.

it's like macdonnald saying:
"you don't need to eat your veggies my friends, let's indulge in burgers and fries forever!"

it's pure demagogic horseshit as we all know, they're just there to take our money now and we'll deal with the health consequences later.

Kushan3277d ago

You do realise that this has nothing to do with the 360's SDK, right?
This is designed for hobbyists and such, the real 360 development kit is VERY different (And much more expensive). For a start, this is C#. The 360's Dev Kit is C++. That's instantly an order of magnitude more difficult (Of course as a C++ programmer myself, I'm quite competent with the language, but many people struggle).

Sibs3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Yep... took a beginners course in C++ in 7th grade... can't quite see how 3d textures and the like can be made from it, but I obviously didn't get a completely in-depth teaching of it, lol. All I really remember it was Cin and Cout. Pretty tough stuff.

Boty3277d ago

C++ is really cool once you know what your doing.
----------------------------- -----------------------


int namespace std;

void main()

cout << "See what I mean!"endl;

Uneducated Loser3277d ago

XNA ftmfw!

Microsoft's development studios are amazing. I won't go another day without them

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Kushan3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I take SLIGHT offence to the "making games is easy" quip there. Particularly as the example it uses to prove this is XNA, an entire suite of tools designed to assit you in making games, however it IS severely limited in a lot of ways. I'm not badmouthing XNA at all here, I think it's great, but all those AAA titles out there today would be nearly impossible to make using it.

Making games is HARD, there's a huge amount of information to learn. If you've ever been on a software engineering course, try to imagine what it'd be like if you had to learn ALL of that and then double that again. You have to understand a lot of advanced programming subjects that most regular software will never need. You have to know intricate details of how games work. Games today mimic real life, so you have to know how things work in real life and then find a way to do that fast enough in a game. Maybe it's not so much that it's difficult, but there's a LOT to learn, especially as many techniques used decades ago still apply today, so you've got a good 20-30 years worth of knowledge to work through, not discounting keeping up to date with all the latest developments out there.

It's painfully obvious that a lot of people on here don't appreciate how much work goes into a game, even a mediocre one. The term "lazy developer" gets thrown around all the time, but none of those people have ever tried to make a game, hell they wouldn't know where to begin.

The Lazy One3277d ago

XNA is far better than almost anything you'll find for a medium level game library. It's got a lot of very powerful things. you won't make anything in the ranks of gears of war or halo, because those are limits of the programming language itself vs C++.

The library is easily enough to do almost any XBLA game.

TheInCrediBleSulk3277d ago

Making games isn't easy. Heck, most people can't even make "hello world" pop up in a Win32 Console. Making full blown games like Gears and Halo and Killzone and whatever AAA title you want to name would be pretty much impossible to do on XNA.With all that out of the way, you could still make very cool games using XNA, but be warned, even XNA isn't what a normal everyday gamer would call easy.

Kushan3277d ago

Oh yeah, don't get me wrong I think XNA is great (and I did say that) and you guys are right in saying that you wont find anything better for what it is. It's just a shame that people are all too happy to flame Microsoft but don't look twice when something like XNA appears.

thenickel3277d ago

"Microsoft acts as your publisher and gives you a 70 per cent cut of all the money your game makes"

I didn't know you could actually make money off a game. This community games stuff is pretty cool.

Boty3277d ago

First of all, to start you need a complier such as visual C#. Then you pay around $100.00 to Download XNA and Upload game to Xbox Live. You HAVE to know programming. I personily wouild use C++ simply beacuse your able to do more with the language then with C# or BASIC. HOW EVER XNA only works with C# which is ok but not the best. Trust me XNA is a start if you are really smart but not for the average Joe.

A+ & C++ FTW!


The Lazy One3277d ago

C# express edition and the XNA library are both free. You only have to pay the 100 for the rights to host your community game and access some features on the XNA website.

slightly agree with C++ though. More difficult, but you can do more stuff with it. If they hosted C++ through XNA community games too, it would be awesome.

Boty3277d ago

When I said $100.00 for XNA and C#, I meant what you said. Sorry.

I have Visual C#, C++, Basic, J# express. I also have Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual C++ 6.0 Professional.

All were free except 6.0 versions.

phosphor1123277d ago

Yes, its a great language, but it simply can't do anything that requires horsepower. The main plus about java is that if you end up being a tard and making an endless loop that builds up stock piles of memory, it will crash the JRE (java runtime environment), you can't say the same about anything else though, that will just crash your computer. Agreed though that the preferred language is C++. It always is, and always will be. You can do ANYTHING with it.

Anyway, this article is dumb. They make it sound like you can just pull a game out your ass with just ideas and concepts, and not actual practice and knowledge of programming.

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