Avatars RUINED by the addition of football shirts for commoners

It's another thrilling update about a new kind of pretend fabric! See that man there? That's me wearing an England shirt.

Because today, Microsoft has basically RUINED all of Xbox Live by letting people put football shirts on their Avatars. Xbox Live now resembles a provincial pub. You can sense the air of menace. Some of those Avatars are packing knives.

18 European countries are represented in this new football-themed shame.

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TheBrit3371d ago

Some people will post anything just to get their few moments of attention.

Was it shameless when we got the other types of clothing? the tuxedos, the hippy type clothes?

So if this as you put it "now resembles a provincial pub." does that mean the tux's resembles stuck up snobs or maybe the ski clothes represents rich snobs from Aspen??

You criticize it yet there you are, using it.

Good Job.

Dlacy13g3371d ago

Ruined? I rather am happy that MS has choosen to liven up the Avatars with a little International flare. He just added the "ruined" to get hits to his pointless article.

joemayo763371d ago

all i can say is........ VIVA ESPAÑA!!!!

romaink3371d ago

personally, I thought the poster was just being sarcastic because of the rivalry that exists among football nations.

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Man_of_the_year3371d ago

OH NO - Damn you MS for giving us the choice to put these clothes on our avatars - Damn you the Heck..../sarcasm

AvIt3371d ago

I have no problem at all in putting my avatar into a symbol of my footballing loyalties! I hope in the future they release club football strips

3371d ago
vincentvegawchz3371d ago

But I dont see how this is a problem... I mean extra outfits, i would enjoy if sony added free clothes to my avatar at home? Why gripe about free stuff. I think its cool even if it was a wife beater shirt.

bassturd3371d ago

uh huh. Don't get the problem with this either. Obviously someone that doesn't like football is complaining about it. I'm not a big fan of football but why would this bother anyone? PSN has football themes you can download as wallpapers and stuff as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.