Xbox 360 in Japan: Top 30 game sellers since launch

Gamezine: Has Japan taken hold of the Xbox 360? Blue Dragon comes out on top, with 2008's Tales of Vesperia not far behind.

Despite the small user-base, 2006's Blue Dragon (released in 2007 outside of Japan) is still the Xbox 360's best seller at over 200,000 units.

The Xbox 360's only 2008 title to penetrate Japan's top 100 software sellers, Tales of Vesperia, takes second place.

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Hiruma Youchi3337d ago

I love tales of vesperia! I hope they make a sequel or another title for the X360! I'll cope it and cope Tales of Mothership for the Wii

militant073337d ago

Tales of Vesperia was my game of the year for 2008.

i did play MGS4,GeOW2,Resistance2,LBP...e tc

Bleem3603337d ago

AVAST anti-virus finds HTML:Iframe-inf on that site and reports it as a virus.

My network shield keeps popping up saying it's blocked access to a site with a .ch domain

It could be a false positive but approach with caution!

MmaFanQc3337d ago

all the 360 owners in japan in that picture.

vincentvegawchz3337d ago

the funniest comment i have ever read

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Mozilla893337d ago

This article seems really contradicting. On one hand it asks if Japan has taken hold of the 360 but goes on to say its best selling game sold 200k and has been out over 2 years and has 1 game from last year cracking the top 100 of 2008.

techie3337d ago

Yes the website asks if Japan has taken hold of the 360. The answer is NO.

Tempist3337d ago

Seriously, that's damning given that I think there are about 6 million 360s in Japan.

That's basically give up time for Microsoft.

FarEastOrient3336d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love Tri-Ace myself but they are not making so much money this generation by supporting the Xbox 360 the way they currently are. I'm staring straight at you Square Enix, ask Microsoft for more money to prop up Tri-Ace until they start selling PS3 games again.

As a shareholder I'll probably side with the faction that wants to sack the CEO, hey my faction was successful in firing Eisner at Disney!

Baka-akaB3337d ago

Dear lord , i expected , after all the rage and noise around it , that Lost odyssey would be the first of the list .
Glad to see that mediocre game beaten by Blue dragon , the great Tales of Vesperia , Last remnant and IU

gaffyh3337d ago

Lost Odyssey is better than BD, TLR and IU. Maybe not better than ToV, but obviously it sold less because TLR, IU are Square Enix, ToV is part of a well known IP, and Blue Dragon had the biggest advertising campaign cos they made an anime out of it.

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