New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer will première at 4pm GMT

Gamezine: Just to let you know, a new vision will be revealed to the world this afternoon.

To be more accurate, a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer will première on the inter-webs at 4pm GMT.


[UPDATE] - The trailer's up, so go on and have a look; it features some of the first real gameplay footage of the game. We'll host the trailer at some point tomorrow.

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Simon_Brezhnev3460d ago

bet it be just clips of the stupid pics they been showing or the same old video with a lil extra

GameGambits3460d ago

More gameplay footage and perhaps more characters being revealed would be nice.

If it's the same stuff again though I'll be kinda miffed SE wastes not only our time, but their own with this crud. They could be spending wasteful hours into productive hours to get the game out sooner. ;)

GrieverSoul3460d ago


I have that feeling too! 95% seen footsge with 5% unseen footage that reveals close to nothing about gameplay or actual ingame stuff!

I hope Im wrong though! But Squenix has a bad habit of doing that.

HardcoreGamer3460d ago

but after square enix have releasd 7 games on 360 and not ps3 square enix game in site on shelves even right now?? i think it maybe completely the other way round and the port might possibly be on ps3?

i mean possibly im just gathering dust together and tryna make stuff out. but .. its japan game and the japanese market comes first so i guess its ps3,, owh wait there are loads of 360 squaenix game in japan too so whats the deal i cant think stright think wat you guys think but if its anythihn like ff12 go stuff your self squareenix

Chris3993460d ago (Edited 3460d ago )

Honestly, this game is so far up it's own as* that all I can see is brown.

I was fine with the multi-plat announcement, but the hype and sheer arrogance surrounding this title is outrageous.

With all this pretension and build-up and these gradual "visions" that are revealed, this had better be the greatest JRPG of ALL TIME.


hay3460d ago

@Chris399: True mate, true. With all the sh*t that goes around the game I hope it's mindblowing or else it'll be a huge disappointment. Personally I think It'll be good, but not great. We will see when it'll be out.

IrishAssa3460d ago

I hope it's new with gameplay(yea f*kin right), hopefully they'll do the opposite of the Closed Mega teater

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techie3460d ago

Final Fantasy XIII will be fun for everyone.


The much I would like to believe that, I still have to disagree.

Not that I think it will be fun only to one "side" or part of the consumers, I don't give a crap about going multiplat.

The thing is, this game is taking so much time and so little is being revealed that I'm pretty sure that when this come out it will have to much of the last gen feel, and I'm not talking only graphic wise, I see good chances of it being a little disappointment for everybody, I see it feeling like one of those launch tittles that come (3 years) to late, just like RE5 (demo wise), DMC4, Halo 3, Ace Combat 6, Star Ocean 4 and other sequels to classic games that just didn't improve enough to grant a sequel.

I'm not saying any of those are bad games at all, I own/played a good chunk of them, I'm going to buy RE5, but none of them have properly improved to make the next-gen jump. The only games that come to my mind as of now about making it to a great next-gen debut are MGS4, Fable II and Killzone 2 (judging by the Beta and videos).

But I'm really hoping Squenix prove me wrong.

PS: I did disagree, but I didn't hit the disagree link.

skatezero2463460d ago

hoping it's something new but from square-enix's recent actions, i'm not going to hold my breath .... @ why dis and gametime your both trolls because i've done some research and many major sources are saying that multi-plat titles are playing nearly identical to each other and did you forget ff13 was developed ON the ps3 and is being ported TO the 360, see your failing to realize that games that were originally developed on the 360 and later ported to the ps3 are the multi-plat titles that play SLIGHTLY better and like i said earlier those games are starting to play identical so go climb back underneath your xbox bridge and defend your territory you trolls

DA_SHREDDER3460d ago

Im really sick and tired of even hearing about this game. Its not gonna come for a long time, and even still all you get is CG. You people need to stop hyping this game up because you all dont know if this game is gonna be good or not. Im not saying its gonna be a failure, but Ive yet to see a game from Squeenix that is better then FFX or FF7. I doubt we will ever see games as good as those two games.

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