Famitsu 360 gives Star Ocean IV 34/40

VG247: The latest issue of Famitsu 360 has award Square Enix's über-RPG Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope a highly respectable 34/40.

Capcom's Strret Fighter IV scored the same whilst Ninja Gaiden-alike Ninja Blade also scored highly, receiving 33/40.

Star Ocean IV is set be released in Japan on February 19.

Full scores below:

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militant073399d ago

that just weird hard to trust their review just yet.

Last Remnant got 39/40!!

and im still buying it.

InMyOpinion3399d ago

Famitsus reviews are as credible as Hiphopgamers headlines.

MegaMohsi3399d ago

HAHA, that was good, Famitsu is a joke why do they even bother posting this here.

IzKyD13313399d ago

They gave WKC a 29/40 I think, while they gave Infinite Undiscovery a 38/40

Pretty suspicious.....

InMyOpinion3399d ago

WKC is probably a better RPG than Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant.

Hiruma Youchi3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

maybe Besides Graphics WKC aint All that , smell me?

hay3399d ago

9988 is a good score. The question is how this game will fit into western market.

ganaeshd3399d ago

I don't know about Infinite Undiscovery (not interested in it at all, looks like a typical output from Square-Enix),but in the case of White Knight Chronicles, there was a 2-page online article written by Nick Des Barres from 1UP. It talks in great length about the character creation mechanic, the gameplay and the story progression, based on the Japanese version of the game.

A two-page article that speaks about the single-player mode in great detail, versus four one-paragraph snippets in Famitsu. Which one would you trust more?

Saigon3399d ago

I agree, until proven otherwise

Sarcasm3399d ago

"Famitsus reviews are as credible as Hiphopgamers headlines. "

LOL that made me crack up. For once I agree with Jenzo.

JaggedSac3399d ago

Wow. All 360 articles get warmer because PS3 fanboys come in spewing their bile. Pathetic.

aspergersyndrome3399d ago

Though online problems have been blamed on the muted reception. The biggest problem with White Knight Chronicles is the story. It has an appalling twist half way through and ends the game on a cliffhanger.

This was not much of a problem with Halo 2, as Halo 3 was 100% guaranteed a release.

With White Knight, would you play it knowing the story does not end and with no information about a sequal?

blackpanther253399d ago

yeah thanks for spoiling it. I think FF 10 ended on a sad note before they announced a sequel

GameGambits3399d ago

This is the only 360 game of 2009 I am heavily excited to play. So far 2009 exlusives really belong to the PS3 to get hyped on.

Seems Microsoft is going to try to ride the year out on multiplatform games, but try to get a little extra DLC for each that Sony can't touch.

I do hope though that 360 hits up more exlusives this year that actually look enjoyable, because Halo spin offs aren't even on my rental list let alone must buy. :/

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Abash3399d ago

Haze got a 34/40 from Famitsu too.....

ReTarDedFisHy3399d ago

Lair got a 34/40 from Famitsu too...

Blaze9293399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Vampire Rain got a 35/40

Nicolator3399d ago

UWE BOLL got 38/40 from Famitsu too

Sheddi3399d ago

OK, Uwe Boll takes the price!
How the F*** did they rate him that high? Are they insane?!?!?!

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bomboclaat_gamer3399d ago

i dont trust thier reviews. they nearly tricked me into buy last remnant.
japanese and western taste is games are very different.

N4PS3G3399d ago

This is Famitsu 360! not regular Famitsu

Hiruma Youchi3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

FAMITSU knows how to review japanese games because they are Japanese as well! I trust them with that! SO4 day 1 purchase for me you cant tell me NUFFIN!

theres also those other scores where you can see that Demon soul scored 29/40

edit @ below:Well my response to your question is: Maybe WKC aint all that after all. Wussup?

nycredude3399d ago

How do you expain WKC then?

lonestarmt3399d ago

you have already been told whats up. Look at all the examples. haze and lair had just as good scores as this game. I'm not saying this game isn't great, but you can not trust famitsu. The biggest proof WKC is "all that" is because its in fact the best selling RPG this gen and actually sold more than MGS4 in Japan. It also sold more PS3's than MGS4 and the second week sales were just as good which never happens in Japan. Need I say more.

BananaSlug3399d ago

if you read the WKC review, they did not review the single player campaign

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