Best use for a controller: Rumble Massage

Is your woman hard to please? Is your man just not hitting all the right spots? Is your Xbox 360 collecting dust? These are all vital questions in these tough times and thankfully there are creative enough people out there to solve our most pressing woes. The latest to do such a thing is the Xbox 360 Community Game "Rumble Massage".

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P4KY B3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

The Xbox orgasmatron.

AA battery consumption is going to double in the USA.


haha ive always thought of just placing it in my pants while playing call of duty. NICEEEE. lol

KR3W6193405d ago

The controller gives you good orgasms

-GametimeUK-3406d ago

no1's 360 is collecting dust... the best games are available for that system rofl...

LeonSKennedy4Life3405d ago

How long have gamers been doing this? I used to find the glitch in Tony Hawk 3 just for this.

littletad3405d ago

Because actually touching your girlfriend/wife is just so time consuming and tiring. Who better to massage her tush than your own hands right?

Dlacy13g3405d ago

This is front page news worthy? N4G, come on? Really...this is worthy news for the front page?

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