Brandish :The Dark Revenant : new video

Falcom wakes up and reveals a long trailer of Brandish : The Dark Revenant. The last episode in 1991, a significant update was needed. The Playstation Portable is the occasion for the publisher found but provides a smooth evolution. The basic principle remains the same as the original, or escape from a dungeon labyrinth aspects. The Japanese eager to old-school concept will benefit the 19 March.

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Chris3993369d ago

Now we just have to wait for word of a Western release.

BlackIceJoe3369d ago

I so hope Atlus or XSeed picks up this game for the rest of the world. Because I so would buy this game if I could understand what I am to do in the game.

specialguest3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

If this game makes it to the US, then I will get this for sure. Bad reviews or not, that's how much I love Ys and Falcom.

Old school RPG FTW!

1111113369d ago

ewwwww 3d
just when i thought falcom was cool enough to give me
a nifty 2d overhaul of a classic title :/