Phantasy Star Universe Portable :New Pics

In the wake of the trailer, Sega reveals a beautiful panel screenshots of Phanatsy Star Universe Portable. For more information, visit to this address.

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TheColbertinator3490d ago

They all look good.I have decided to immortalize this game

Chris3993490d ago

Nice to see that the PSP is finally hitting a JRPG stride.

Seriously, this year is packed with more releases than I can keep track of.

In hindsight, those "PSP is dead articles" posted around Christmas look even more ridiculous now.

xjxdoggystyyle3490d ago

i will prolly buy this...if i can win this psp....look at this thing

ThanatosDMC3489d ago

That's no rathalos... i'll pass. Seeing the enemies and the environment looking bland is a downgrade from Monster Hunter. Also, having levels in your stats...

Jerk1203490d ago

I don't know, PS0 is also looking pretty sweet.

Whichever of the two is more like PSO is the one to get.

Benke3489d ago

It's called Phantasy Star Portable. Though Phantasy Star Universe Portable might be a more appropriate title...