IGN: The making of Killzone2

IGN sits down with the developers and takes an in depth look at Killzone 2. The in depth look is actually four parts.(Note: The interview is four parts although only the first one is embedded).

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kingkobra2xxx3462d ago

These videos were posted on IGN yesterday and I checked for duplicates. Perhaps you are referring to my earlier post, which failed approval because it had too many embedded videos?

Helghast Slayer3462d ago

This video was posted a week or so ago.

GameGambits3462d ago

IGN didn't do this interview lol. All they did was rip off the other site who DID do the interview and claim it as theirs. That is mad weak stuff...

Ju3462d ago

Its not even the full video. The original is actually a complete show which lasts about 30min or so from a NL web site / magazine.

Nonetheless, interesting stuff in there, IMO.

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Abash3462d ago

This game looks amazing!

Teabag3462d ago

I have always found it a little bit stupid that as you gain more experience in online multiplayer you get better weapons and other upgrades.

I understand that it is a reward for playing but makes the imbalance between new and experienced players even wider.

I find myself playing a new game against people with more experience of the game, who know the maps inside out, and then they are armed to the teeth with much better weapons too!

If anything you should start with all of the good weapons and then get them stripped from you as you get better! :)

Fishy Fingers3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I see your point, but from a developer point of view, these upgrade, perks, medals etc help to keep people playing your game, they add incentive and longevity. From the player point of view, they're just rewards for your time and effort.

In KZ2's case, you shouldnt worry as you can search/specify exactly what you want to play, you can filter your games around player count, map, game modes, ping/latency and more importantly, RANK. So if you think you've fallen behind the masses you can search for other players with roughly the same level of experience as you.

GamerPS3603462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Its all about strategy. It's not like you get really sucky weapon to start with. It helps you to understand good spot to flank with right weapon. You also get to find out about weakness and strength of each weapon.

for ex: I have seen a lot high rank people play cod4 with mp5 which is available at the beginning. Its not the strongest weapon but Like I said, depends on your play style and strategy.

And more than anything, It boosts to life of game.

thor3462d ago

I like the Warhawk system best - you unlock some cool new skins and such so people know you're a higher rank, but your abilities remain the same. Of course, Warhawk could have done with more rewards in this regard, but they're a lot better than what you unlock in other games.

Let's take Resistance 2 - sure, you can unlock extra skins, but when you're playing nobody notices. In Warhawk, the unlockable skins are striking and get more customisable brightly-coloured patches as you progress, so you notice if someone's wearing bright blue armour and you know that they're good.

That's absolutely awesome news that KZ2 has a proper server list with ping. Oh how I miss ping indicators. I hate games that don't have them - because you're unsure whether the lag is due to you, the host or someone else. At least when you have a ping indicator the host can kick those with low ping. Warhawk had a great server setup. My only gripe is that 90% of the time if you go on a server with 31/32 players, it will say it's full, but continue to say 31/32. This happens remarkably often - I don't know what causes it, but hopefully KZ2 doesn't suffer from the same problem.

King_many_layers3462d ago

some nice posts here, very nice to read constructive writing.

is there any chance you could explain to me "ping" for example warhawk's. I've struggled to grasp it's meaning and just confuse myself.

GamerPS3603462d ago

I am not comp master but I know lower the ping, lower the lag for you.
I try to join servers with less than 75 ping for smooth play.

thor3462d ago


Ping is the time it takes for you to send a message to the host, and get one back, in milliseconds. The host is the guy/dedicated server that's managing the game - all the players send their info to it such as where they are, what people they've shot at - and then the server sends back that info to all the other players.

Here's an example; it won't necessarily work like this but it could.

If I shoot another player, I send that info to the host, and then the server passes it onto the other player. If they then die, they have to send that info back to the server, and the server passes it back to me. So the time taken between me pulling the trigger, and me seeing their death animation will be my ping + their ping. If that's a noticable amount; say 500ms, then it will seem laggy.

Of course, in a real game, it won't be so simple. The host itself might manage the death animation, or my console could pre-empt that I've killed the player. For example, in many games, you see blood splats as soon as you shoot someone, but there's a delay before you see them die.

Fishy Fingers3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Basically, your ping is your connection speed to the server or host (the time it takes for your PS3/PC/360 etc to communicate with it). The lower your ping, the better (faster) your connection. Usually a high ping will there for translate into LAG.

Not many games (console) give you actual figures for your ping, you usually have them displayed as a bar or colour, you know like, green for good, red for bad.

Edit: Thor explained it better than I.

SAiOSiN3462d ago

Thats the whole idea in competitive games. It's the same thing with weapon pick ups. Experienced players know where to go to get them, noobs will be lost.

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MEGANE3462d ago

...for a minute i thought they ere speaking english...until i star to listen and not just hear them talking!

techie3462d ago

This is NOT IGN's interview. I repeat NOT. A user has just put up the previous interview, which has already been on N4g, on the IGN servers.

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