GameSpy: Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Review

Ultimately, it's the die-hard Fallout 3 fans that should enjoy this new chapter in the series' history, and those same fans who may end up slightly annoyed after the fact. Operation Anchorage doesn't answer many questions regarding the lead-up to the big war, but it's an interesting piece of the puzzle that fits into the overall game without feeling out of place. It feels like a lot of money for just a couple hours of entertainment, but considering that Fallout 3 is already a great value, it's hard to balk at the price.

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PS360WII3338d ago

Decent review. I only played half of it so far and enjoying it thus far but he is right as it's not like the rest of the game with the main theme in this is shooting up people and yes no simpaks :(

velcry3338d ago

I was initially very upset to learn that there would not be DLC for the PS3 version, and kept feeling that the game I was playing would end up being the 'incomplete', 'substandard' version.

But I thoroughly enjoyed the 50+ hours I spent with the game, nevertheless. And although right now I still do wish the PS3 had the DLC, I kinda feel like I've gotten all I wanted out of the gameplay, the story, etc.

In other words, I've gotten my fill of FO3. Missing out on the DLC isn't that painful anymore, although I do find myself wondering how fun it would have been to play through it.

I appreciate how Bethesda crammed so much into the original release that after finishing all the sidequests, I really feel sated on FO3 goodness, such that I'm not really left hungering for more.

This, in my opinion, should be the right way to release DLC. Make sure the original release is good enough to stand on its own, then make some more DLC for those who want more.

Meanwhile, it's time to devote my attention to the other games that have been neglected!

Vecta3338d ago

Personally the biggest draw of this piece of DLC is the change in environment and setting. I mean many people have been playing in a totally dry and barren wasteland for 50+ hours and then you get thrown into a frozen battlefield. Seems like a nice change of scenery.

ph3lid3338d ago

good for you.

i will play the sh1t out of this ...

PS360WII3338d ago

Very true. Fallout 3 in the package formed is amazingly deep already. The dlc is just a bonus of those who want it.

-GametimeUK-3338d ago

I dont see why PS3 fans should feel upset about missing DLC for old games... If you pay a 1/4 of the games price for DLC you are buying DLC that doesnt contain a 1/4 worth of stuff the original package had...

PLUS... For every exclusive DLC the 360 gets the PS3 gets an exclusive game... I know which one I would rather have...

I should really pick fallout 3 up... It was £20 for PS3 but my friend got a bug where he was unable to finish the game so I looked for a 360 copy... AND FAILED!


i don't know if they are still doing it, but game station were doing 360 fallout 3 for £19 at one point and the speical edition was about £24. i could not believe it, wish i had not rushed and bought it, but i am sure you can still get it cheap though.

PS360WII3338d ago

I disagree the dlc pack is worth the money if you enjoyed Fallout 3 plus there is more coming. There is plenty to like for it but also if you feel you played as much as you want from Fallout 3 then no worries.

-GametimeUK-3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Man no way :-(

I cant afford it right now... Inbetween partying, things I need to survive and games (like Skate2 and Dead Space recently... Killzone2, SF4 and Resi5 soon) I have no cash left... Luckily I dont mind playing a classic game even if it is a little old... I will buy it down the line

thanks for the info


I am glad you enjoy the game and the dlc :-)
I just dont buy dlc... its not my thing... I didnt even buy the LBP dlc which included the MGS stuff (im a big fan of both)

dustgavin3338d ago

Looks like Ps3 owners are not really missing anything here.

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