Fable II, Banjo Kazooie Sales Are Chalk & Cheese

Kotaku writes: "Microsoft released three first-party games towards the end of 2008. Gears of War 2, we know, is a smashing success. But what of the other two games, Fable II and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts?

Sales data released by the NPD Group today reveals that the games' experience on store shelves couldn't have been more diffierent. Fable II was a surprising success, by January 1 selling a respectable 1.2 million copies in the US. Not too shabby.

But Banjo? Seems Rare's stab at innovation by introducing customisable vehicles to the game was a flop with consumers, as the game had only sold a meagre 140,000 copies by new year's day."

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Cyrus3653461d ago

Wow only 140 K sales for Banjo in the USA up and until Jan 1st...

Do 360 fans not like platformers?

crck3461d ago

Yeah that is pretty bad. Especially considering the game only retailed for $39.99 to begin with. Is Rare next on MS's chopping block? I hope not. I actually like their games.

-GametimeUK-3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Nuts and Bolts is visually stunning... The art is fantastic... But hey a game is not good by visuals alone (cough cough killzone2)... Come to think of it I grew tired of Gears2 and Fable2 quickly... Oh my god do I even like any games?

I love my 360 and love platformers... I think the best game this gen is a platformer... Banjo N&B doesnt feel like a platform game at all and the gameplay is kinda sucky


awesome... so next time someone asks what the opposite of a AAA is.... well its Banjo or zzz ! lol

to be fair i didn't play either of those games. i bought fable 2 but it never even left the case it was in before i took it back and swapped it. After i heard about all the bugs in the game i just could not be bothered. i think i ended up taking it back for mirrors edge, which i finished in a week and swapped for R2, which i finished in a weekend and got a credit note back for the full price.

but ya, not supprised. I only know two people on my friends list that bought nuts and bolts.

jahcure3461d ago

Fable II sells 1.2 mil and it's ok.. LBP a brand new IP sells just under a mil and it's a flop in sales? Given the install base of both platforms, lbp has the better ratio. Also what happened to Banjo? I remember masses here going crazy for it. Did you guys not buy it?

PirateThom3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Of course no one bought it, it's too kiddy. Remember... it's a better game than Too Human, but because it's a cartoon bear, it sells a lot less.

It's not about quality, it's about "t3h murd0r"

Dark Witness - I think you made a mistake with Fable 2, it has its fair share of bugs, but it's still a solid game. If you can find it again cheap, you should reconsider.

jkhan3461d ago

Funny nobody is mentioning MSFT is doomed because of Banjo, while Sony is doomed because LBP only sold a million or two (I know I will get a lot of disagrees).
I didn't bought Banjo, i thought it was ok, the graphics nor the gameplay felt anything to get excited about. I love platformers but I don't know, it didn't feel like a game to buy.
I played Fable 2, it was alright, the graphics were not that great, lightening was pretty cool in the game. The combat was alright. It wasn't really what it was hyped for. I didn't really encountered any game breaking bugs. The game was alright. It was like OMG Fable 2 is the RPG of 2008.
Gears 2 was pretty amazing, apart from some issues, I really enjoyed the game. I think it sold well to its merit. Its a pretty great game. Infact the best game on 360 this year.

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CAPT IRISH3461d ago

Banjo Kazooie NaB is not a platformer.

La Chance3461d ago

bp = hyped like the god of all games : 1 million worldwide. fable 2 = no crazy out of control hype : 1.2

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belal3461d ago


Hiruma Youchi3461d ago

LAME! those game took what 2months atleast to get to 1million. Gears and Fable did that in a few weeks. GEARS2 3Million in 4weeks. You cant tell me NUFFIN!

Sez 3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

the problem with your logic. was R2 and LBP was hyped to sell alot. and they failed to do so. hell LBP was said to be a system seller and it didn't. and the last time i checked R2 didn't even make NPD report since nov. so if it did sell 1 mil most of the sells came from EU.

chidori6663461d ago

LMAO... banjoflop! RARE IS DIED IN OLD NINTENDO 64.... fact!

Ryuk3461d ago

Confirmed... Your no older that 12 cause ""RARE IS DIED IN OLD NINTENDO 64"" LMAO!! Kinda like Lair/Haze and flop ps3 killed factor 5/free radical. Or in your language..Lair/Haze Died on old ps3 console

BLUR1113461d ago

lol you people are silly

Hiruma Youchi3461d ago

KOTAKU! The deal is BANJO KAZOOIE SUCKS! if it was as good as the previous ones people would have been intersted in it. I know I dont care about it and even if the game was at a 10$ price tag I wouldnt buy it. I'd rather save the 10bucks to get me a PS3(roflmao)

jay23461d ago

Well BK 4's in the works so let's hope Rare sorts it out.

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