Nine reasons why Blu-ray will succeed

Cnet writes: "We've been seeing a lot of articles lately about Blu-ray's fuzzy future, how it's doomed, and how its success will be shortlived even if it does take off. Well, that may well end up being the case, but we gotta say, from where we're sitting, there's a far greater probability that Blu-ray will do just fine - for a long time. And we're not saying that because we're fanboys or shills for Sony. It's just because a lot of simple market factors point toward it doing just fine. Here are nine reasons why."

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pwnsause3458d ago

a positive Blu-Ray Article from C-net?, OMG!!! Quick! Quick! Report as SPAM!!!

Maddens Raiders3458d ago

has KILLZONE II fever like everyone else. They've gone mad.

JoySticksFTW3458d ago

1. Digital downloads will not eliminate the need for discs anytime soon.
2. Having one clear standard is a big advantage.
3. Blu-ray isn't going to be replaced by another disc format anytime soon.
4. Prices for large-screen HDTVs will continue to drop.
5. Prices for Blu-ray players will continue to drop.
6. Prices for Blu-ray discs will drop to near DVD price levels.
7. Sony will sell lots of PlayStation 3 game consoles.
8. Sony can't afford to have Blu-ray fail.
9. Sony and its partners will figure out a way to have Blu-ray resonate with the public.

Actually kind of shocked. Sony / PS3 haven't been able to catch a break from C-net lately

cayal3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

This is the #1 reason Blu-ray will succeed.


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