Industry trends for 2009: Sony

Wonderful exclusives like Metal Gear Solid 4 and LittleBigPlanet failed to give PlayStation 3 a significant boost in 2008. Sony's fortunes also suffered from a disappointing year for high-quality PSP software, enabling handheld competitor Nintendo DS to continue to run rampant, and the inevitable decline of the veteran PS2 warhorse.

As the financial crisis impacts on more and more families, the price premium of both PSP and PS3 is going to cause more shoppers to look to Sony's competitors when buying a new console in 2009, suggesting it could be another difficult year ahead.

But Sony Computer Entertainment Australia's Managing Director Michael Ephraim today stresses that high-quality exclusives like Killzone 2, inFamous and Heavy Rain, as well as Sony's expertise in social gaming and add-ons like PlayTV, will help the company get much-needed momentum.

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Maddens Raiders3489d ago

then I blame the world. Yeah YOU.

Sony keeps smashing out quality ((in all phases)) and the world keeps buying -->mediocre<-- crap.

Go scratch your head and kick a can.....

GameGambits3488d ago

I don't know what happened to all the PS2 folks who should've bought a PS3 by this point. I mean anyone who owned a PS2 I'm sure was pleased by plenty of hit exlusive games that were of the highest quality for their time. Nothing has changed in that regard that the PS3 exlusive games are REALLY good games if their reviews were high.

The 360 doesn't even have that many exlusives and the ones there are never really make me sit back and add them to my favorites of all time list.

I own both consoles and love them each, but I'm not a fool to know PS3 has some really Ace exlusives already. The only reason PS3 is failing to keep up on sales as a whole is A) The price is too much for most B) Xbox adds to their counts with RROD consoles being in high abundance

chidori6663489d ago

kill zone 2 you boost the sales of ps3... no doubts this.