COD:WAW 1.2 patch update

JD has posted an update about the 1.2 Patch for COD:WAW.

"For those of you familiar with the PC Patching Process announcement at the top of this forum (linked below), we are currently in Phase 4 of the PC Patch 1.2 production. All items we intended to fix for PC Patch 1.2 have been fixed, and the fixes are being tested.

As the process explains, this Phase can be iterative, and we may need to iron out some wrinkles as the testers hammer away at it. We suspect the patch will be finished within 2 weeks presently. I'll keep you updated if that changes.


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Roper3163485d ago

If your playing the PS3 version be sure to finish off the level you are working on before you update!!! If not you will get a message saying that the game data doesn't match the save file and you will have to start the level over. Happened to me on the 1.1 update and replaying levels on veteran just plain blows, especially Heart of the Reich! Not sure if the 360 version had the same issue?

retrofly3485d ago

This is just a PC release which contains all the console fixes. Will they be releasing a patch for consoles too as there are things that still need work?

thezuur3485d ago

then came back after two days and my save file was corrupt. i lost everything. all my veteran levels.

stpiio3484d ago

i hope they don't get rid of the nazi zombie glitches >.>

RockSolidone3472d ago

I run windows vista. when i installed the 1.2 patch i lost all audio to the game. Can anyone help?