Rumour: Iwata set to announce new Zelda

Nintendo President to give keynote at Games Devs Conference...

Will Nintendo's President, Satoru Iwata, announce a new Zelda at GDC 2009 in San Francisco in March? We live in hope...

Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, is set to give the keynote address at this year's Games Developers Conference in San Francisco in March.

GDC has continued to grow in terms of its importance on the annual games industry calendar, while the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has lost its focus and direction in recent years.

New development opportunities

Mr. Iwata's speech will be called "Discovering New Development Opportunities", and is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday March 25th.

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ChickeyCantor3492d ago

MEh, would be nice, but in this case i could make up some rumors too.
I mean Iwata is gonna talk so it must be something Nintendo related...right?!
Or am i crazy?


Not like that iwata, impress us.

AAACE53492d ago

I predict he will announce Grand Theft Mario Wii!


He better announce something for hardcore gamers besides sales figures.

ChickeyCantor3492d ago

Think about it a Bounty hunter game where you play as Captain Falcon....
Big city driving your Blue-falcon chasing battie boys.

Voiceofreason3492d ago

If they announce anything for the core it will be overshadowed by any thing remotely casual just like E3. Most people think E3 was all Wii music. They dont know about Cod, GTA,Shaun White, Voice Chat, etc. Nintendo had some good core announcements at E3 but the haters want everyone to think it was just casual games and sadly most people buy into that. Same thing will happen this year. They could announced 20 of the most hardcore games and announce Wii whatever for casuals. Everyone will focus on the one casual game and forget the core games.

animboo3492d ago

they also announced a new metroid game..

AWBrawler3492d ago

you know i said the same thing. A captain falcon game would be awesome. I've been talking about it for years.

mfwahwah3491d ago


GTA is for DS, not Wii.

CoD which is multiplatform (and any hardcore gamer who wants it will have a 360, PC, or PS3 and buy it on that, not Wii)

Voice chat? God that thing is lame. It's my personal believe that only the PLAYER should talk to other PLAYERS when it comes to HARDCORE games (which is the relevant issue, remember?)

Shaun White? Hardcore? I don't know enough about it to make a solid argument.

Fact is, I don't like hating on the Wii. You just really irked me with your comment.

Mini Mario3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

"GTA is for DS, not Wii. "

Really your smart. But im pretty sure he said GTA because it was on a nintendo platform...(regardless if its on the wii or DS)... key word there was "nintendo" as in talking about "nintendo" products, which gta was on (the "nintendo" DS)

"Fact is, I don't like hating on the Wii. You just really irked me with your comment."

comments like these "irk" me

mfwahwah3490d ago


I was speaking for myself in my post. I didn't say I expressed the views of all hardcore gamers. I'm not a portable gamer, so GTA on DS does nothing for me; hence the complaint.

Sorry I wasn't more clear - I really should have been.

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zoydwheeler3492d ago

Otherwise the world might implode from the incessant whine of a million fanboys denied....

SCThor3492d ago

More Mario, Zelda or Metroid...

Voiceofreason3492d ago

Wii fit, Wii Sports, Wii Music.. Dont remember those before this gen.. Oh nm.. Facts will get in the way of your pointless trivial hate.

AWBrawler3491d ago

Disaster day of crisis, Project Hammer (rumored to be back up), and captain rainbow

Mini Mario3491d ago

"There goes Nintendo innovation..
More Mario, Zelda or Metroid... "

Yeh like no one elese rehashes games. Hint ppl buy mario and zelda, games alot beacause they are always fun. Would u want GTA 4 to be the last in the series. Would u like what year is this...2009 to be the last MAdden game. Would u want sony to stop making ratchet and clank?

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Skerj3492d ago

That rumor is completely baseless, people keep confusing GDC with E3 and not paying attention to WHY certain games were announced during GDC.

N4g_null3491d ago

So true man so true. The funny thing is either this is a reason for the "hardcore" to get hype or just another thing made up so we can hear people complin about the Wii more after the GDC.

Seriously I know people will be writing this speech down like their life dpends on it as more and more people struggle to keep their job.

hay3492d ago

I would like to see Wind Waker-like Zelda game. The game looked childish but attached me emotionally as almost no any other game.

mastiffchild3492d ago

IMO tthe new LoZ will be out by Xmas. Will have revolutionary(for the series) elements(some FPS and 1:1FPSwordplay AND some levelling up more akin to fully fledged jrpgs to create the perfect east/west Zelda imaginable!!)but will stop short of Link talking(though I don't rule out the possibility of him using pictochat on his DS if they do set it now!).
However GDC will not see the announcement as Nintendo NEED to have a big E3 this year after what they, ahem, did last time out AND E3 should be more like it's bloated self this year too.

Do not worry-LoZ pre Xmas for certain in my book-get your money on it!

ChickeyCantor3492d ago

"y AND some levelling up"

IT's not new, Zelda: II did it.
I liked Zelda II -_- unlike 90% of others who played it....
Imagine A new Zelda II with the Brawl engine would be awesome...imo.

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