Hardcore Gamers = Addicts?

From the article:

You see, there's addiction, and there's ADDICTION. There's the gamer who loves playing for a few hours every day, spends his/her entertainment money more on games rather than movies, magazines, fast food, and whatever; and there's the gamer who keeps a refrigerator next to his computer and wears Depends because he can't be bothered to break away from World of Warcraft long enough to go take a dump.

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STEVIE_3486d ago

is just a nice way of saying you have an addiction.

It's like saying you have an STD when you have gonorrhoea. It sounds nicer.

Graphics Whore3485d ago

I disagree. People can be hardcore gamers and have a perfectly normal life outside of the virtual one.

Pebz3486d ago

Of course hardcore gamers are addicts, and it doesn't have to be Depends-level in order to qualify as an addiction. Nor does it need to surpass and compete with "...Soap opera's, or Game Shows, or Dancing with the Stars, or American Idol, or whatever T.V. programs", the town is big enough for the lot of them.

This article is mostly based on the great human way of thinking: "I do it, therefore it can't be bad", but logic like that is called denial, not too uncommon amongst addicts of any type.

I'm not saying that gaming is necessarily bad by itself however, the need to be tranquillized with entertainment, as if humans are unable to find any joy in "real life", is merely a by-product of a decaying civilization, not the cause of it.

I just think people should give that a thought, rather than just falling for the stereotypes; "I'm a gamer" or "Gaming is evil" and consider why people actually play games.

micro_invader3486d ago

Well said, bubble for you.

ZeVeX3486d ago

Well, sometimes i play for an hour or 2 a day, some times not at all sometimes 8 hours straight, i dunno wether thats casual or harcore or what, and i don't care really, i jus play the games, don't care what people would class me as, bring on KZ2!

ravinash3486d ago

Its whatever you want it to be.

I consider myself to be a hardcore gamer...although I do have a life away from my games.
Although i do spend lot of time thinking of games as well....guess thats what makes you a gamer.

oldsnayke3486d ago

I play for as long as I possibly can.

TruthbeTold3485d ago

most likely, during the times that you can't, you're taking care of business. Nothing wrong with that. I think that the world needs to recognize that most gamers are responsible people, and that gaming is just another form of entertainment. Instead we get the constant barrage of "So and so did such and such horrible act/crime. Did I mention he plays video games alot?"

Graphics Whore3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

There's a fundamental difference with fulfilling a need to occupy yourself with games than a 'want' to play because the games are just overwhelmingly fun.

I for one geniunely enjoying playing the games I do.