Edge: WET Returns

Edge writes: "As one of the many Sierra titles believed not to have survived the merger between Vivendi Games and Activision, few could be blamed for not noticing Wet's loss when far more shouted-about titles – such as Brutal Legend and Ghostbusters – were cut loose.

But with Wet being developer A2M's grand coming out into the world of original IP after many years of largely producing forgettable (if well received by their target market) cartoon licences, the company wasn't so willing to give it up. The title is now set for a release 'sometime in 2009', despite no publisher as yet, and A2M was eager to show off its title at this year's Montreal International Game Summit, with new (or more apparent) Grindhouse-inspired styling."

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T-Baggins3489d ago

Awesome, I hope they get a publisher soon