Why the Next Mortal Kombat Will be Rated Teen

Game developer Ed Boon confirmed that he and Midway are officially working on the ninth installment for Mortal Kombat. Slashgamer discusses why they think the game will be rated teen.

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General Chase3487d ago

This is upsetting. Mortal Kombat is supposed to test the limits of gore and violence...not test how far they can go with a Teen rating.

Elven63487d ago

This guy has no idea what he's on about, the original MK games sold in the millions as well with a M rating, Ed Boon even stated time and time again they wanted to go back to a M rated MK game after MK vs. DC.

On a side not, anyone else picking up a virus from N4G? Windows Live One Care is picking up a trojan and it looks like it only shows up when I'm at N4G.

Sarcasm3487d ago

If the next MK is rated teen, then say goodbye to the franchise altogether.

They need to stop with the "ohhh we want everyone to play it" BS. MK is a mature game for adults, so why the world are they trying to make it sugar-coated like Halo 3's so called war.

ThanatosDMC3487d ago

Bad enough that they toned down on the killing, blood, fatalities on their most recent game... now this!

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coolfool3488d ago

Go on, admit it, MK vs DC wasn't too bad, was it?

Omegasyde3488d ago

wow, you thought it was somewhat good??

The only cool thing was the free fall stuff, but that got old after a couple rounds. The story also made no Effing sense. "RAGE?" The special moves were cool, but some of the DC characters blew.

Mortal Kombat Vs DC "sorta" Bombed. People bought it and then resold it asap. I gave it a rent, and was glad I didn't waste 60. Also the series has degraded back to 2 "fatality" ? Are you serious Boon?

coolfool3488d ago

So I did of bashing against him and it was quite fun. Do we expect more from an MK game than just a simple bit of fun?

MegaMohsi3487d ago

I got it as a birthday present and I'm gonna trade it in for SF4. This game sucked just like I knew it would.

Sarcasm3487d ago

MK vs DC wasn't that bad. It was actually fun for awhile. But after you beat the main story, or run out of unique moves to do. It got boring. I'd give it 6/10.

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Omegasyde3488d ago

The graphics were cool and some of the special moves, but most characters were no fun at all. The story was cheesy as well.

I hope the Next Gen MK has it rated "R". The whole reason the game was so great in pop culture in the 90's was because of the over the top gore.

Midway fire Ed Boon, Bring back John Tobias.

DaDarkKnight3487d ago

Yeah fire Boon so we can let Tobias come back solo and make another crappy version of Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus lol The characters being crappy is your opinion to me they were all pretty awesome and each of them had their own distinguish characteristics. Im sorry but you cannot tell me that their were no characters from previous Mk that were not crappy Mokap, Meat, and Blaze anyone. The thing is I loved this new Mk game as well as all the others in the series, but this happens to be the best Mk game behind Mk1,2,and 3 lol

The Captain3487d ago

They are speculating a teen rating, but it states this no where!! Trust me, they will be going back to a mature rating.

Boon will go back to his roots. I think they can still make tons of cash on a M rated game.

hay3487d ago

He would have my cash and probably other oldschool gamers too at the cost of less kiddies playing the game.
* goees back playing mk and mk2 *

MmaFanQc3487d ago

great way to dump a big brown smelly turd on the MK franchise, first the incredibly stupid idea of VS DC .......and now they dont had the message yet that MORTAL kombat have to be rated

is Midway still alive after their epic fail named mk vs dc?

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