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"Today marks the first of a series of downloadable content for Fallout 3. Operation: Anchorage landed today and for 800 Microsoft points you can help the United States liberate Anchorage, Alaska from the Chinese communists. Instead of opening up an entire area to explore and scavenge, Operation: Anchorage is a small quest line that leads the player to the Outcast Outpost. Inside the outpost you find out that its residents need to access an armory, and to do so, they need someone that can access an old simulation. You happen to be that person. The download relies on faster paced combat/stealth, pushing Fallout's focus of exploration on the backburner. It brings fresh content to Fallout 3 with new weapons, achievements, and a new area to explore in an awkwardly different package."

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rucky3456d ago

LOL You can't claim an unbiased review if your a one system website.

Tempist3456d ago

Come come... Can one not say 'For fans only' in one sentence and give it a 8.3 in the next?

Given the dull review on the DLC (I read a better one earlier), I think the 8.3 is a little misplaced.

UltimaEnder3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

by unbiased i mean that it was not wrote by either a super fan or super hater of fallout 3....calm down there tiger, not everything is about the all-mighty console war

the word is taken out of the title now, never meant to play the "fanboy" card..... whoa you guys really get upset when your opinion spews out

Valkyrie833456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Good review, I've gotten 3 hours or so out of it; definitely worth the money!

FarEastOrient3456d ago

Interesting that you say its worth the money, I would tell everyone after reviewing it to wait till a discount day on Live and get the DLC for 400 points instead of 800. This is in reference to the fact that you can get full games for the price of $10 and they can be played far much longer.

If this DLC was released for the PC it would've been free because it would've been considered as a patch instead of an actual new level for immersion gameplay. This is two small for the $10 price tag and don't get me started on the Fable II content for a full price.

Vecta3456d ago

This was released for the PC and it cost money. And no Bethesda have been selling DLC on the PC for longer then on consoles.

UltimaEnder3456d ago

@FarEast: your theory makes ZERO sense, under that we should never spend more than $10 on anything game related because there is some old game out there that you can get for less have fun living that life, me on the other hand is going to buy games or their DLC if it's a good product, such as Operation Anchorage is!

Valkyrie833456d ago

Agreed, the ninja suit really is of those things that makes the DLC so unique!

callahan093456d ago

I enjoy the game and I have it on 360, and there's no way in hell I'm spending 10 bucks on this crap as long as I've still got so much more I can do with the game as it came.

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