Capcom expects monster sales from Resident Evil 5

Speaking to Famitsu, Capcom has revealed it's sales expectations for Resident Evil 5. The believe, based on the popularity of the demo, which is available for the PS3 and 360 in Japan, that Resident Evil 5 will sell at least 500K copies in Japan at launch. Further, they expect the title to sell 5-6 million copies worldwide during it's lifetime.

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Carbide73489d ago

"Capcom expects monster sales from Resident Evil 5"

Who doesn't?

Rock Bottom3489d ago

Haha, they will be very very disappointed.

PrimordialSoupBase3489d ago

RE5 has no clue what it wants to be. Bit of a mess.

Panthers3489d ago

What it wants to be? Guess just like RE4

Nicolator3489d ago

i know when i downloaded it all 40 friends online were playing it and everyone i know is getting it including me so i am pretty sure 5 million wont be hard for it to hit.

jammy_703489d ago

killzone 2 outsells this, it might just overall, even though this is multiplat....

Utalkin2me3489d ago

Yeah right, i have a remote control car with no batteries that control's better. It will not get my money unless the control's are fixed.

callahan093489d ago

I absolutely hated the demo. This'll be the first regular series Resident Evil game I don't buy.

callahan093489d ago

If this game didn't have the pedigree of Resident Evil behind it, I seriously think it'd be getting much, much harsher criticism. I'm being fully honest when I say that I enjoyed the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark demo more than the demo for Resident Evil 5. It somehow managed to have better controls and was creepier, too, with better action set-pieces.

PrimordialSoupBase3489d ago

haha seriously! At least Alone in the Dark attempted to do something new, something original.

locos853489d ago

I for one will save my $60 from this game. The demo turn me off big time. It turned into a clunky shooter. and the controls suck ass. I might pick it up from the clearance bin but thats about it. I liked R4 and for some reason I cant seem to get into this game. my February money will go to SFIV and K2

ThanatosDMC3489d ago

It's basically RE4 with co-op with a manly man.

Oh well, im buying two copies so i can play co-op... cant wait to see my partner get her head lopped off by a chainsaw!

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Raoh3489d ago

why wouldnt they?

but i hope they did what marvel did.. take back their IP and not let someone ruin their original vision....

the resident evil movies were not bad, not good but not bad

degeneration was welcomed

resident evil worked.. but still not the original horror

i just hope RE5 doesnt become a horror version of army of two from what i'm reading

doctorstrange3489d ago

definately gonna move alot

interrergator3489d ago

hmmm is it the last one or idk

Mr Tretton3489d ago

From what people are saying about the demo, I think this game is going to be a shocking fail, just a little. It'll sell a bit on the name alone.

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The story is too old to be commented.