Street Fighter IV online servers will be worldwide

Eager to get whooped by some Street Fighter fans from the Land of the Rising Sun? Lucky you! In the latest edition of the Weekly Famitsu, Capcom has confirmed that the online versus servers for Street Fighter IV will be worldwide, not region locked. It's important to note, however, that this will not be the equivalent of the arcade's guild mode, which allowed players to join guilds and recorded their wins and losses.

Capcom also announced there will be PS3 exclusive anime intros for each character in arcade mode, speculation points to this being due to the extra space provided by Blu Ray. The size of the save data for the title was also revealed to be 3,752 KB, though no word on whether the game can be installed or not.

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rCrysis3243d ago

now i can prowl the world for challenges and hone my skills with worldwide players (because I'm really not that good)

Fox013243d ago

OMG! I bought a PS3 just for this game (yep, not Killzone 2) and now I have an Elite and the LBP bundle, 2 more weeks and I can finally play my most anticipated game of the year! My PSN is MANO-FR (my friend list is empty so add me pls) I can't wait to play you guys.

Blasphemy3243d ago

Why buy a PS3 for this game if you already had an Xbox 360? LOL If it was because of the controller you could have just got an arcade stick. LOL They also make adapters for PS3 controllers to work on Xbox 360. Both are cheaper then buying a PS3 for this game...

Doppy3243d ago

Great worldwide @$$ whoopin's for ALL. :)

rockleex3242d ago

Bluray's advantages are finally being used in multiplatform games. ^_^

PS3 owners will get the more "complete" version, and will have the better controller for it too. ^_^

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pwnsause3243d ago

uh theres an install for the game, its suppose to be around 2gbs. but its an optional install

see playstation blog

rCrysis3243d ago

I usually do install optional installs thanks to my 500gb HDD.

pwnsause3243d ago

how much does a 500gb HDD cost? im looking to upgrade my PS3.

kalel1143243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

$99.99 with free shipping.

Sheddi3243d ago

Installs doesn't effect me!
60 gb original, now 250gb!!!
That's the beauty of ps3.

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Sasanova3243d ago


Simon_Brezhnev3243d ago

yep and ima whoop they ass i hope they have a japan server

Carbide73243d ago

Just like the Koreans butt-rape people in Starcraft

Simon_Brezhnev3243d ago

yep and they beat my ass in counter strike 2

cactuschef3243d ago

I could never beat a Korean in Starcraft, they have parades for Starcraft. I would whoop some ass in Counter Strike however.

Liquid Snake3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Off topic, so i will put this in Openzone.

You can get Street Fighter 4 for 40-42 Dollars (Us), 30 pounds (uk) and 62 dollars (australian) from CDWOW.

Both 360 and Ps3 versions.

I thought i might share this with my fellow gamers, in Australia this is a really good deal.

Simon_Brezhnev3243d ago

yeah it is a good deal but the special edition is like 108 US dollas

Liquid Snake3243d ago

the special edition is a rip in Australia its $200AUS, or 133.248 USD.

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