Halo Wars Guide to the Covenant

The Covenant is a large alliance of several alien species that are more technologically advanced than Humans during the events of Halo Wars. First started as a loose non-aggression pact between the Elites and the Prophets, the Covenant quickly assimilated other races using superior firepower and tactics. The other races were given the choice of joining the Covenant or being destroyed.

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Omegasyde3369d ago

I always that the conventant was weak in comparison to the Locust, Chimera, and Helghast.

They really don't seem ruthless in a epic level. I understand that bombard and do that crap, but in comparison to the other alien video game villains they are weak sauce.

Of course the most ruthless "alien video game villains" were the Zerg.

Shepherd 2143369d ago

you just dont like them because the Covenant are not stereotypically covered in browns, grays, and blacks, look disgusting, have really sharp teeth, etc etc etc, you know the usual and unoriginal alien appearance

covenant are better than chimera, lucust and helghast because they are hard to fight and deadly, but they also wear richly colored armor and have vividly colored vehicles and ships. I love it, because its different and pleasing to the eye. Having bright colors as opposed to drab and boring colors does not make your games more "mature" than Halo. You sir, are boring.