Gaming Journalists: How We Ruined the Industry

Kombo Writes: "Say what you will about the video game industry, the gamers, and the gaming media. Sure, the industry is full of flamboyant fanboys, ignorant journalists, and biased authors. It may seem a bit odd for me, a gaming journalist, to be publicly bashing his own position. The truth of the matter is, I'm just as tired of reading reviews, previews, and news filled with bias and fanboyish opinions as much as everyone else."

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Maddens Raiders3490d ago

we know everything is messed up, even one of the journalist in this example had to break down and confess their wicked ways and sinful trumped up lies and bias....but this is all part of the leaves & branches on the big tree of gaming life, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Fight!

coolfool3490d ago

The journalist side of gaming is a little messed up but the important side, the gaming is the best it has ever been. I am talking in general here, the games on the 360 and PS3 are first class. Yes, these can be a few turkeys, (dare I say it?) these are mostly on the Wii because of their shovelware policy but on the whole games are an epic, immersive and beautiful form of entertainment.

The trick is just to simply not pay too much attention to the journalists and judge games against your own personal preferences. Give it your own review score.

Omegasyde3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Um doesn't the Kombo network sometimes post "rumors" that don't come true?

Pot meet Kettle.

MattyF3490d ago

Sites report rumors all the time. Sometimes they happen, and other times they don't.

ChickeyCantor3490d ago

And that's why i try a game before i "don't like it".

" We shouldn't be hyping the game and having it carry over into our reviews."
And this is why i don't care for reviews, I hardly read them.

Zeevious3490d ago

In many ways...but this sums it up pretty clearly.

There are a few people here that come to mind...the 4 who ignored me.
(3 actually, because 2 are the same person)

You 4 know who you are -- I sincerely hope this article helps you improve what you lack, and realize competition is good for us all.

Every Gamer...Everywhere.

Whether you write biased tripe and spew slanted facts, spreading nothing but lies and hate does nothing but leave you stained with it.

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Stop hating and believe in something that actually matters.
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