First reviews of Demon's Souls are in

Famitsu and Dengeki, two of Japan's top gaming publications, have published their reviews of the upcoming Sony exclusive, Demon's Souls. The former gave it a mixed review, scoring it a 9, 7, 7, and a 6 for a pretty average 29/40. This score is remarkably similar to that of White Knight Chronicles, which was branded with an equally average 28/40. White Knight would go on to become the best selling HD JRPG to date, despite it's lackluster critical reception.

Dengeki's review, however, tells a completely different story, giving the game an 95, 85, 85, and 85.

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Ichiryoka3315d ago

Whats up with famitsu? I'm starting to think they really don't like anything with sony and rpg in the same sentence.

Real gamer 4 life3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

if famitsu gives the game a bad score, that means the game is good. When famitsu gives a game a good score that when you should be worried.

Helghast Slayer3315d ago

Well i guess we can expect the same quality as WKC then which is a plus for rpg fans.

Aclay3315d ago

Meh, I'm not too sure about Demon Souls.... I mean, it's being developed by From Software and they've been pretty much hit and miss when it comes to game development on 360 and PS3. Chromehounds was a pretty good game, Tenchu Z totally bombed, and Armored Core For Answer got a mixed reception.

If Demon Souls bombs in U.S. reviews, I won't be that surprised, but I hope that White Knight Chronicles is received well when it hits the States (and I think it will be) because Level 5 is already a proven and highly respected developer.

Rock Bottom3315d ago

Famitsu were off with WKC review, but with this game...

I wasn't really expecting much from it.

Giriath3315d ago

It's not about how well recognized the developer is. I know that White Knight Chronicles is good because I've seen a lot of it. Neither you or me can say how good Demon's Souls is, because nearly nothing has been shown about it. That will change once the game is out in Japan and people can give their own honest opinions and share some footage.

Rob0g0rilla3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

They have a history of giving games that I thought were bad (and the majority of reviewers) good scores. They gave blue dragon a 37/40. I brought the game not even reading any reviews because I thought it was a good game. I hate everything about it(including the way they packaged the 3 discs) and I probably won't play it again.

I'm not expecting a lot from this game as well but I still don't trust their score.

Danja3315d ago

well if Famitsu thinks this game is average....then thats means it must be a good game....

lets hope this game actually does well in we can get a release stateside..

facepalm3315d ago

Kind of hard for me to take Famitsu's reviews seriously... Especially since they now gave Sonic a 33/40...

NMC20073315d ago

So what happens when they give FFXIII a good score? That mean nobody should buy it because it's bad because famitsu said it was good?
Just trying to understand that logic, help me out.

Xandet3315d ago

Even from a different country, I find these reviews very surprising. When I saw the first footage of the game I immediately thought nothing of it.. judging from the reviews it's a pretty solid surprise exclusive, something the PS3 needs more of. I'll definitely at least be renting it now.

sonarus3315d ago

I don't expect much from this game but would be nice to know what they thought about the game instead of just the scores

theEnemy3315d ago

You mean the 40/40 that they gave to MGS4 is a lie ?

Or is it just applicable to RPGs ?


Bathyj3315d ago

I love Tenchu Z. My favourite 360 game.

RememberThe3573315d ago

I think the point is that they publish some of the most inconsistent reviews that many of us have ever seen.

Their judgment of quality seems slanted, and more then just off-they seem influenced by out side sources.

How can one person give a game a 9 and another give the same game a 6? I could understand if they were from different publications, but their staff can't seem to come to a consensus about what they feel is a quality product.

I get the feeling they don't even know what a quality product is anymore, and they're just pissin in the wind when they write their reviews.

InMyOpinion3315d ago

It's from the makers of 360 exclusive Ninja Blade, so it must be good.

SaiyanFury3315d ago

Honestly most reviewers never gave the King's Field games a good review, yet the games were awesome in my own experience. Demon's Souls will undoubtedly gain the same attention of the media. I have little doubt that it will be awesome for us JRPG lovers. The best game in the series only received mediocre recognition. King's Field: The Ancient City also garnered only mediocre reviews, yet it was a GREAT game in and of itself. King's Field 2 was amazing and a triumph of exploration and it was great for the experience. Demon's Souls from the same developer WILL be good, not from reviewer scores, but simply because of it's origin.

Watkins3315d ago

In Japan they read stuff backwards ... Can it be that also when they review games (Famitsu style), you're supposed to get as low scores as possible? That would justify the Haze and WKC scores. Don't know about this though ...

MisterNiwa3315d ago

Jup in Japan everyone lives in Mirrors.

pixelsword3315d ago

..not that I have a full command of it. A good game from a non-legend will get scratched in their reviews(WKC), wheras a good game from a legend will get a great review (Kojima's MGS4); conversely, a weak game from a legend will get better reviews (HAZE), and a weak game from a non-legend will get poor reviews (tired of giving examples. :D).

Kind of like how Kojima was being humble and dissing his own game, but the Western media was taking it as "OHHHHHHHHH! Even Kojima says it's crap!"

Stuff like that.

KidMakeshift3314d ago

I heard that the low scores were because the online component was broken and out-of-date compared to online games now that feature voice chat

rockleex3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Don't add up Famitsu's scores.

They're supposed to stand separately. Each number with their own reviewer.

The "9, 7, 7, 6" basically means that its a niche title. It's a good game but only appeals to a certain smaller crowd. Hence the one 9.

While a game like Final Fantasy will get 9's and 10's from all four reviewers because its a good game but will still appeals to everybody.

Both can be good games, but the appeal will determine what percentage of people will like it. ^_^

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TheColbertinator3315d ago

Demons Souls and Ninja blade both look awful.I hope both games rot along with From Software

silverchode3315d ago

demon souls, ninja blade and quatom theory look awful

TheColbertinator3315d ago

I'm not certain on Quantum Theory.Other than being a Gears of War clone I have no idea what it is.However I do trust Tecmo more than From Software

YonasJonas3315d ago

Ninja Blade does look full of fail. Never heard of Quantum Theory so I just checked it out. I'd also have to agree that game looks lame as hell.

GiantEnemyCrab3315d ago

Maybe you should try the demo for Ninja Blade if you have a Japan account.

I enjoyed it.

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Gitaroo3315d ago

I think if you like the king's field series you will like this. Its not a game for everyone.

Abash3315d ago

That's good enough to get me to buy it at least.

rCrysis3315d ago

i wish there were more review sources from Japan...

TheColbertinator3315d ago

Me too.So far I only know Famitsu,Dengeki,GM Star,Shonen Jump and Gamewatch.